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  1. Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    UPDATE I have fully gotten the ThinkPad to where I need it to be. I would like to thank everyone for the help they provided. All I used was AppleHDA disabler and VoodooHDA. Seems to work on any laptop I use.
  2. Help - ASUS X555 macOS Boot Issue

    Sorry that I did not post an update. I have got the laptop working, except for sound. I got it to boot with a custom OsxAptioFixDrv. If anyone is willing to help me with my sound, it would be great.
  3. Help - ASUS X555 macOS Boot Issue

    New Issue ( I Fixed My Issue With On The Previous Post): I am now getting spammed with [iGPU] Errors. (I Am Not Using Safe Boot) [Picture Below]. What Should I Do?
  4. Hello everyone. I recently acquired a ASUS X555 with a i7-5500U processor, and I have been unsuccessful with getting it to boot to the installer. I am getting an error when attempting to boot the installer (I Will Post A Picture Below). What I Have Tried: - Using AptioFixDrv & AptioFixDrv2 NOT WORKING - Using the -f Boot Flag NOT WORKING - Booting With -x (Safe Boot) Will Not Let Me Install Clover, Very Unstable, But Installs So, this leads me to here. I have tried to follow other guides, but nothing is really working. I hope someone can help me. Thanks In Advance!
  5. Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    New Update Got out of hibernation using terminal, but, still no audio, anyone got any ideas?
  6. Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    NEW PROBLEM Problems never stop, the ThinkPad has now hibernated and I can not get it to boot in to macOS. It is now refusing to boot, any suggestions along with audio?
  7. Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    Ok, I think no error this time. Used original AppleHDA.kext , seemed to complete fine. This is the log: Choosen codec is Conexant CX20585 Checking 14 range comparisons between 11d4198b and 14f15069 No codec range comparisons require patching config.plist created and copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/! HDAEnabler.kext created with layout-id 3! Patching 11d4198b with 14f15069 codec occurrences 1 of 2 expected patched! occurrences 2 of 2 expected patched! AppleHDA binary succesfully patched! layout3.xml.zlib patched! Platforms.xml.zlib patched! AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext/Contents/Info.plist patched! AppleHDA.kext copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/! aDummyHDA.kext generated successfully (copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/)! Mirone use layout-id 3 for laptop's codecs, Instead for Desktop's codecs: layout-id 5 for 3 ports supported (Pink, Green, Blue). layout-id 7 for 5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue). layout-id 9 for 5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, CodecAddress: 2). Use that to activate AppleHDA.kext using DSDT.aml, HDAEnabler.kext, Clover patches or Enoch embedded HDAEnabler! Targhet AppleHDA.kext reset to /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext. For further sessions, drag your vanilla kext to patch for specific version! I will post an update after the restart. Ok, sadly no audio still. Now, I have always seen this since my first Audio driver attempt, in Verbose Mode. This happens at the end of the boot, it states AppleHDAController Sound Assertion errors. There has been about 14 of them. Could this be causing me to not have audio. If so, would it be nessisary for me to reinstall macOS Sierra? Also, I have used that guide to get Sierra installed on the T510 and sill no audio. I should also state if I try to update to macOS Sierra 11.12.5, I will get a kernel panic on boot up.
  8. Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    UPDATE Ok so using the utility provided above, I get the following error: Choosen codec is Conexant CX20585 Checking 18 range comparisons between 11d4198b and 14f15069 No codec range comparisons require patching config.plist created and copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/! HDAEnabler.kext created with layout-id 3! Patching 11d4198b with 14f15069 codec No substitutions made (already patched?), nothing done. Again, this leads me to believe that my ThinkPad T510 has a completely different audio codec. With the CX 20585 patch applied, I still have no sound. Headphones pluged in, still no sound. Anymore ideas?
  9. Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    Thanks for the response, one problem is, I never made a copy of the original AppleHDA.kext file, is there a place I could find it?
  10. Hello everyone, For the past few days, I have been trying to get the audio working on my ThinkPad T510 with macOS Sierra. I have read all of the guides on the forum, I can link them if anyone needs them, and I still have no audio. As far as I know, the T510 uses the Conexant CX20585. For most people, this seems to work with kexts they have posted. Below are the methods I tried: - Using .kext s people have provided under Guides and Downloads on the InsanelyMac forum. Not Working - Modifying AppleHDA through Clover. Not Working - Try other verison of Mac OS X (Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks). Not Working This has led me to believe that I am ether completely missing a step in a guide, or I am doing something wrong. Or, that my specific ThinkPad T510 uses a different audio codec. Any help I can get, will be appreciated. I hope someone here could help me. Thanks In Advance.