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  1. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    hello FYI : when I drop OEM SSDT , nvidia is enabled, but when i don't drop the OEM SSDT then the NVIDIA is disabled
  2. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    Hello, here is my DSDT, would you fix it? I actually have a working DSDT but when i tried to disable NVIDIA, it won't boot after i place the SSDT to the patched folder of clover (IDK why) but i think i've followed the procedure correctly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8g28ufk3pjk15yw/HELP_ME.zip?dl=0 this is the *.dsl table with my current IOREG
  3. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    where can i get the native DSDT? pressing F6 or sth. else while booting from CLOVER?
  4. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    I can't sleep before my OS X is also sleeping Btw yours aren't disabling the nvidia, it still exist on system information btw how to do that while i can't even use my os x after it woke up ? Nice help from you, have a nice day bro, sorry if i was asked too much question
  5. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    what's the changelog bro? as for now, i've already fixed all of the FN Keys and disabled my nvidia, but i still can't get sleep work well
  6. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    hello this is my acpi table DSDT and SSDT are already patched (i already give it name) can you disable nvidia ? i thought it on SSDT-10.aml https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcw0kpkp7lptu1a/Table.zip?dl=0 also help me solving the unstable sleep, i tried to patch the sleep method, the sleep now works but system hang (unstable) after woke up and also the media keys, FN+F1-F12 are now working now but i'm little bit confused with the media key
  7. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    ya updated to 10.10.5 and no problem , thanks for the DSDT help
  8. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    everything now are working, but sleep isn't fixed yet. Still hang after wake up with HDD LED is always on with current conditon, can I update to 10.10.5 ? I used the Hackintosh Vietnam Tool in order to make everything work, do I need to repatch the kext after updating to El Capitan build and / or to Yosemite 10.10.5 ? Yesterday, I had tried to update to El Capitan build but it gave me KP
  9. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    Thanks for the help artur_pt, fnkeys are now working but i had to edit it again for the Fn+F9 (disable touchpad) and Fn+arrow keys (media keys) to work
  10. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    Hello Artur_PT I also had a problem with SLEEP Function, my laptop is hang after waking from sleep, what's the problem?
  11. A Little Bit More Patch for A451LB DSDT

    Hello thanks for the help Gonna try it soon as i reinstall my OS X, had to delete and reinstall it because of Kernel Panics after upgrade to El Capitan It's my fault wkwkkw
  12. Hello World, I want you to help me solving my problem I have a problem, I can't use my FN Keys (already tried patch DSDT and using AsusNBFNKeys.kext but nothing works execpt the Sleep, Turn off Backlight and Sound). Also please help me disable the NVIDIA GeForce GT740M as it can't used on Hackintosh (tried to patch it but it gave me error while recompiling, dunno where is the problem) Here is my specs : - i3-4010U (PM WORKS) - IHD 4400 (Works), NV (need to be disabled) - WiFi (AR9285) (Works) - LAN (RTL8111.kext) (Works) As for now, this is list of working Peripherals : 1. WiFI (AR9285) 2. Intel HD 4400 (QE/CI) 3. Realtek LAN 4. Sound (AppleHDA / ALC233) 5. Touchpad with its Gestures 6. Brightness via Setting (Slider) 7. Power Management FNKeys&DisableNV.zip
  13. Help me Disabling NVIDIA

    Hey bro, would you like to help me to disable my NVIDIA cars using my own created DSDT I have tried it but it failed while compiling DropTable.zip
  14. Can you help me fix this DSDT (ASUS A451LB)

    @OSBeast : the battery still show 0%@artur_pt : the brightness isn't fixed, no brightness slider brightness now is working guysbut no luck with FN combination, trying to fixing now
  15. Can you help me fix this DSDT (ASUS A451LB)

    I haven't tested it yet , I'll mark as fixed/solved ASAP (y) Merry X-Mas Too ☺