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    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's and up

    Very excited to learn of this development but not quite disposed to meddle in so deep, as all of this seems quite involved. So this request for BIOS for Gigabyte Z170M-D3H to run Mojave 10.14.1 with a 6700K CPU and Gigabyte RX60 4GB. I went through the repository and could not find it. Really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you. Edit : The current BIOS have issue with CFG lock being enabled preventing booting of 10.14 so this needs to be dealt with too.
  2. Tried with new Nvidia divers 117 and they need to be installed with SIP 0X0 setting in Clover, this is to be done after agdpfix which needs SIP 0x67 set in clover and then after the Nvidia install boot using SIP as 0X03. Can you friends please confirm this? Thank you.
  3. William Parker

    APFS.efi without verbose boot

    @isaII Same here as well. Tried the attached file with installed version of Clover 4233. Any ideas?
  4. Long time friend . Hope you're doing great. Sensible and both feet on terra firma ! Good. I did erase my SSD and tried the HS install and eventually restored 10.12.6 from TM backup, with same conclusions as you list. Guess we'll meed to wait some more.
  5. William Parker

    Computer freezes before loading bios ( sometimes )

    Have you tried to re-flash the BIOS as I asked? Just flash the one you have once again. Reset the CMOS and make the settings again. This very much sounds like a faulty flash.
  6. After 3 days I had my first reboot. Strangely no wake failure is reported in terminal. But this now is much better than before when every wake invariably turned into a reboot. I will see what Henties has posted and hope to add further changes. But this is going to take time.
  7. @ monto - since you were taking some time, I found it out elsewhere. You attach a file in the post you make here, after making a zip archive preferably. I am surprised your auto sleep is still broken. Keep the "turn display off after" slider at a low value like 2 minutes to test. Put computer to sleep manually and wake it up before 2 minutes. it should wake up. Beyond two minutes it will reboot. Also if left idle for more than 2 minutes then auto sleep should kick in provided nothing else is preventing it (check with sudo pmset -g) But wake will cause reboot. Is this the case with your system? I had the same situation and seems to have been sorted out. But I have to yet nail the culprit conclusively which is why I am still observing it for a few days. It is something in the DSDT.
  8. @monto Can you please attach the XOSI-WIN10.aml here. I have one in place from the beginning but still had the reboots. But I too haven't had them since the past few days. But I would like to see whether it is the same. Also in order for clover to read the file do we need to switch some flag in the config plist or is simply dropping it into ACPI ยป Patched folder enough?
  9. William Parker

    Computer freezes before loading bios ( sometimes )

    Try to flash the BIOS again if possible using DOS tools from a bootable DOS variant. Things like this happened to me once. Can even try upgrade to the latest one if you are not yet on it.
  10. No Asus mobo, Friend. All Gigabyte only.
  11. If it ain't broke don't fix it. So you are correct in your approach. I booted Intel DP55KG board with mountain lion and just fakesmc without any DSDT. Who wouldn't want that. Both my systems worked perfectly in El Capitan. Now they don't. Apple broke something but since I don't know how to pop the hood and get my hands dirty on the Sierra or Darwin kernel side of things therefore DSDT. If 10.12.3 works without a DSDT that's how I'll run it. The MacOS keeps changing frequently so does Clover, making it easy to break things. The gains I think are less than marginal. Same goes for BIOS. If it ain't broke yadda yadda.. Gigabyte gave a new BIOS build f20 and broke ultrafast boot with it. I have an open ticket with them. The list is endless, the battle ceaseless.But I can stop worrying because Santa's getting me a spanking new Kabylake i7 Mac Mini so I can spend more time above the hood than under it.;-)
  12. On the Z170 system its been two days since I put in the patched DSDT. I did away with the _PRW patches (referring to Rehabman's patching method). System sleeps and wakes perfectly most of the time. Of a total of 14 sleep wake cycles a simple mouse nudge woke the system 12 times but rebooted twice. Will try a few more patches to see if I can nail this down. I think I'll wait for Santa. Oh another thing to note is that sudo pmset -g log|grep -i failure has not turned anything up even for the instances it rebooted. This is baffling. log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason" Shows XDCI for all instances which is correct. It shows PWRB (User) for the times I had zeroed out the _PRW method and woke using power button. Hope I'm getting closer The other Z97 system meantime has flawless sleep, wake and autosleep without a single reboot. It just needed the DSDT patch mentioned earlier. Cheers!
  13. I too corrected USB by making a SSDT unique to my board, loading usbinjectall from esp and using uia exclude in clover to remove extra ports. But this alone did not help autosleep. Maybe the situation is unique to my board and Bios. I also have another issue which I am yet to attend to. The system will intermittently reset CSM to enable in BIOS after a cold reboot. Happens once every 2 or 3 days. This happens in El capitan too & seems to be some clover settings issue. Anyways, allow me a day or two to update. Thanks.
  14. With my Z170 system I went in with a fresh format and install with 10.12.2 from app store so I could rule out software problems. After all necessary tuning I removed the USB port limit patch and put in use the custom SSDT I made for the USB with 15 ports working. As monto put before here sleep wake from menu or keyboard works as long as the autosleep threshold is not crossed. After which wake causes reboot. Reading around a bit I got up to editing my DSDT, especially the _PRW method within XHC. What I effectively achieved was to disable wake from USB that is to say use the power button only to wake. Every time the system woke up properly with everything working. Autosleep worked flawlessly. This is not as good as El capitan but a step closer to functioning sleep wake. I would like to observe it for a day or two before being absolutely certain. Besides a magic mouse I use a logitech cordless mouse simultaneously with its receiver plugged into the corded Apple keyboard. Before this the slightest nudge to the mouse would wake the system. So this is kind of a blessing. Also I needed darkwake=8 before to use keyboard or mouse to wake. I have to check whether I need it still. Hope to post more info tomorrow. The Z97 system lost USB on wake and I managed to make XWAK do nothing in DSDT as suggested elsewhere. This got USB working but sleep wake is still iffy. Hope to get around to it at the weekend. So long.
  15. @Henties Do both your systems sleep & wake normally including autosleep and not reboot when trying to wake? How have you approached the 15 port USB limit?