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  1. GA-P35-DS3P, Lion 10.7.5, Enoch 2070 is the last working build, v2.2 based 2188 KP while booting on firewire audio card Saffire driver. Searched through this forum and some others - seems that this problem was connected with something in Chimaera originally, but now Chameleon is affected too.
  2. Problem with c-states is gone in enoch 2064. Tried new apci patcher - ACPICodec. Moved dsdt.aml to /Extra/Acpi. All other parameters are the same as without it. While this module is enabled - I get error "incorrect acpi rsd ptr" after it generates MADT and SSDT. And then it tries to boot kernel, but freezes before kenel should write about ACPICPUs. So it seems that this module somehow breaks acpi tables, so kernel is unable to load CPUs. Tried various combinations of ACPICodec's parameters - still nothing. Is it broken, or I should do something else about it? Lion 10.7.5, P35-DS3P, no SSDTs from bios.
  3. Used enoch 2035, everything was great, tried 2060 - encountered problem. GeneratePStates generates everything ok, but GenerateCStates now works not as I expected. I get ssdt with P-states for CPU0-3, but C-states are now generated for CPU1-3, so AppleLPC throws _CST eval error. Tried on P35-DS3P with e6750 and on P5K with e6850, same problem. Lion 10.7.5.
  4. Same problem here, "you don't have permissions". Previously I was able to download current builds here without any problem. p.s. Passed two quizes if it is some additional protection, still unable to download.
  5. Can I get working QE/CI

    By the way, you can use 64bit mode if you put all Geforce kext and bundles from 10.6.1's /S/L/E to your /S/L/E. It's just Apple breaking older cards support, so you can downgrade them.
  6. Attansic L1 Driver Project

    Installed driver via osx86tools autoinstall. Works fine. But makes kernel panic if there is no such network card, and driver installed. I share same hdd with 2 hackintoshes, the main difference is network card - I have attansic l1 on one of them and some intel-based card on the other. Intel-based driver works fine in case there is such card and when there isn't, and attansic driver has to be removed from extensions to boot machine with intel card to avoid kernel panic on booting.