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  1. I have an ISO of 10.6.3 is it possible to split this across 2 dvds and still boot from the disk? Thanks, -Travis
  2. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    I just tried it. Worked perfectly!! got sound to work from the forum and everything. Great instructions, thanks very much.
  3. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    the only one I can find is the broken stones version
  4. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    I just tryed the iatkos4 disk and it didn't work... so i have to find the other one... sigh.. did you use the broken stones re-release iatkosv2?
  5. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    Does your install work cleanly with sound and everything? I installed mac os once before and it was just such an unclean install I deleted it and re-extended my windows partition back.
  6. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    Oh no.. well i guess I will get the other one as well just in case it doesn't work. What do you mean by not booting up? Like after it installed, or getting the installer to boot? and what 10.5.2 did you get the Broken Stones re-release? Thanks, -Trav
  7. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    I was browsing around and I found out that there was a 10.5.4 dvd out, so i'm just going to see if I can get that and see if that works. It should just work just the same right?
  8. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    Thanks for the guide. I'll try it out and see if i can make it work.
  9. Dell 1520 OS X 10.5.3 problems

    I would love for you to post the directions if you don't mind. What installer did you use?
  10. Dual Boot Dell 1520 iATKOS & XP

    I also have a dell 1520, but cannot get the sound on iatkosv2 to work right. When I replace the file like you listed to do after rebooting all I don't get sound. Instead it acts like the sound is working, and hd audio output is shown when I go into the sound options. The sound doesn't work right, if you can shed any light that would be amazing, thanks, TeeravX