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  1. I am very new to Hackintosh and now I am studying the boot process. As far as I know: - efi binary is a "byte-code" that UEFI firmware runs - kexts is the kernel mode device driver that is complied in machine specific code, loaded by the kernel, running in kernel mode with the kernel - kexts injection is like the dynamic loading of library but in kernel mode My question is, why bootloader like chameleon/clover needs to know anything (e.g. path of) about the kexts? The bootloader loads the kernel and the kerel loads the kexts, right? Where there is some configuration for the bootloader to find the kexts? I see thing here. http://cloverboot.weebly.com/kexts.html?bcsi_scan_50b5cc4d2c82cc03=bG/X91Fwptz2CvnL0WdFPvjdTdWsAAAAioMalg==&bcsi_scan_filename=kexts.html Say Hackintosh needs FakeSMC.kext. But it is not the business of the bootloader. What bootloader needs to do is to put the init code of Mac OS kernel in memory and passes the control to it. And it should be that Mac OS kernel loads that FakeSMC.kext. What thing i have missed?? PS: I am completely new to Mac and to this forum. If the question is posted in wrong place or the way of asking is wrong, please accept my apology.