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  1. GeForce 8400 GS

    My ASUS 8400GS is working after installing "NV Override for Mountain Lion installer package"
  2. Bootloader issue

    If you have two hard drives, you need to select the one with chameleon installed as the 1st drive in the BIOS settings.
  3. Working perfectly with my ASUS 8400GS including QE/CI with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Thanks a lot.
  4. AD1988B audio chipset give sound output through Greeen Line out with voodohda.kext version 0.2.56. I did not check the mic output though.
  5. Hi I have used SL and now Lion on this board. I have these extensions in the extra/extensions folder along with com.apple.Boot.plist; dsdt.aml; smbios.plist. I boot with Chimera from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. I added voodooHDA.kext for Audio and skge.kext for built in ethernet in S/L/E. If you need anything else please let me know. Extra/Extensions AppleACPIPS2Nub EvOreboot fakesmc IOAHCIBlockstorageInjector LegacyAppleAHCIPort LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage IOATAFamily IONetworkingFamily Marvell88E8056 VoodooPS2Controller NullCPUPowerManagement PlatformUUID
  6. ASUS P5B Deluxe - Snow Leopard Thread

    I have a fully working Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on ASUS P5B deluxe wifi. I did not check the Firewire, but it shows up in 'About this Mac'. I do not use built in wifi adapter. Sound and Mic work but there is a noise from the Mic to speaker which is down once I set the "Monitor" option for Mic to zero in Pref pane.
  7. Dual boot with Dual HD

    I have Windows 7 on one disk and SL 10.6.2 on the other. What I did was 1.Connected the hard drive with Windows 7 already installed to Sata 1 port and Hard drive on which SL to be installed to Sata 0 port 2. Disconnected Win7 hard disk 3. Partitioned the SL disk to GUID partition scheme and installed SL 4. Installed Chameleon 2.0 r431 on SL drive 5. Connected Drive with Windows 7 And everything is fine with boot loader showing all the bootable partitions. Note: When I first installed Windows 7, I got an additional partition created by the OS named 'System managed disk'. During boot with chameleon, you have to select that to boot into windows 7 and not the windows 7 partition. If you have any problem with SL, you can just disconnect that Hard drive and you have your Windows 7 safe and sound.
  8. GeForce 9600 GT

    On Snow Leopard 10.6.2, my Sparkle Geforce 9600GT is working with QE/QI but only at the highest resolution of the monitor. Used Chameleon 2.0 r431 bootloader, generated efi strings in Snow leopard with help from thread from Aquamac forums and put it in boot.plist.
  9. Hackintosh - P5B Deluxe Wifi

    Everything worked perfect on my Desktop except for the Linein. I installed PPC version. Any info on that?
  10. Finally everything is working except for Wireless which is expected with my Dell card. Thank you mac.nub and SeaDonkey for the ISO DVD and the Tutorial for installation on Dell XPS M1210. Now I am on my first Mac OS. Hope I will like it.
  11. Soundcard appears to be SIGMATEL with Creative Audigy Software to enhance it
  12. I loaded on my Dell XPS M1210. The very first installation is successful with everything working, excecpt Wireless (which is expected) and Sound. Myy Sound card is Creative Audigy HD. Any help on the Sound is appreciated
  13. From the first post with Screenshots, I assume I have to select kernals and patches to install. How do I know which ones to install as I am a newbie on Mac OS (basically a Doctor using XP) who does not know what a kernal is (I will do a search now)? My rig is XPS M1210 Laptop and a Desktop with Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi Mobo.
  14. Can some body guide me to that china link please. My download from demon link is 16kBps