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  1. Glad I found this thread. Has anyone tried installing Mojave (10.14) on this surface?
  2. griftopia

    VoodooHDA 2.9.1

    I've tried all frequencies in MIDI but no luck fixing distortion. Wondering if this is 10.13 issue. With 10.12 I did not have this problem.
  3. griftopia

    AppleHDA for Dell Latitude E6400, IDT 92HD71B7

    Will this work in a Dell Precision M6400 running 10.13? What would I need to change?
  4. griftopia

    New AppleHDA Patcher

    My sound device is IDT92HD71B7. I see IDT92HD71B7X in the laptop list. I tried using that and my conflig.plist is patched too. I can't get the dummy kext to load from SLE. Can someone tell me if the "X" at the end means it is a different device? I sorta assumed it does not matter. IOReg shows layout-id getting injected as 3. I will say the AppleHDA patch in config.plist is Finding / Replacing something I cannot find in AppleHDA info.plist either as-is or after converting to decimal. What can I do? I am using 10.13. I'm unable to attache files here for some reason
  5. I just went with Clover and it installed it fine from AppStore. As long as there is a Recovery Partition it works.
  6. griftopia

    VoodooHDA 2.9.1

    Sorry to wake this thread up. I had sound working perfectly with 10.12 and VoodooHDA 2.8.8. Now with 10.13 I have distorted sound. I I've tried every Voodoo Kext I could find but cannot fix the distortion. So I'm using 2.9 v10 and trying to see if I can get any info.plist advice to possibly fix my distortion. I'm using AppleHDADisabler right now. Thought that was required, but see above may be not necessary (while don't think simply removing the disabler can fix my crackling sound) My sound device is IDT92HD71B7 and believe manufacturer is Broadom. Device Ids are 111d:76b2. Not exactly sure what to change in Midi setup and Vectorize is already TRUE PS - I also tried AppleHDA app. Used Clover config.plist patches and the dummy kext. Even tried the DSDT patches (although I think not necessary with Clover). With AppleHDA patch can't even get sound to work.
  7. griftopia

    [Help] Core i7-720QM Power Management & Speedstep

    @macq I just go to finder, click on the ssdt pretending to rename it, then copy to clipboard Then go to clover configurator, hit +, then paste and type ".aml". Can't get any simpler than that. And oh by the way, don't take any SSDTs which have a letter after the number before ".aml". They don't help but I don't know if they hurt
  8. griftopia

    Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    I have a Bluetooth WPAN PCIE Card. The VID and PID are 413c and 8156 respectively. I had it working with DellBluetoothHCI kext until 10.12. In 10.13 it does not work any more. Can anyone help? Maybe it needs to be recompiled for 10.13 Or maybe there is some other way using Clover patching of kext? EDIT : Stupid Windows says 8156 when actual PID is 8158. My DellBluetoothHCI kext is loading properly for this PID at startup. However I still don't see it under System information. Any ideas?
  9. griftopia

    [Help] Core i7-720QM Power Management & Speedstep

    First, you should not take any SSDTs which have names with a letter following a number. So I only needed to take ONE of them. Second, just look at config.plist docs. There is a place in bottom right in the UI below where you specify DSDT where you can add your SSDTs.
  10. griftopia

    [Help] Core i7-720QM Power Management & Speedstep

    @macq, First and foremost, I'm not sure I'm supposed to do *this* F2+F4 at Clover Boot screen will dump various aml files to Clover/ACPI/origin Then in config.plist add them in sequence. Sometimes you will get duplicate SSDTs. A clue is if two file sizes are the same. BUT, once again, I don't think one is supposed to do this, while I dare say, my laptop is running much faster than it did before and also boots faster. For instance, previously after login, it took a while for all my tray app icons to load. Now it is instantaneous. Needless to say, my quest is to try and solve my power issues causing instant wake. I know EHC2 is the culprit probably the WebCam preventing the sleep. Either I fix it or maybe figure out how to write script to disable it and enable it, so I can leave it disabled, get my sleep, and enable at will only when I need.
  11. griftopia

    [Help] Core i7-720QM Power Management & Speedstep

    Sorry to wake up this thread. I have same CPU and therefore unsupported by Piker. So I have copied all 5 SSDTs generated using Clover into patched folder and then added them in the list in config.plist I'm using MPB6.2 I've seen my CPU x multiplier in HWMonitor all over the place. From 7 to 15. So I think turbo working fine. I also see perceptible performance increase especially as soon as I login, screen renders much faster with tray icons. My real issue is instant wake on sleep. Since the original poster here seems to have had the same issue, was wondering if he solved it.
  12. Here's why I need help. I can't even get a simple Wifi Patch working. I configured Clover to load the Parent Kext I patched the Plugin kext I'm doing something fundamentally wrong. If someone can please educate me. config_wifi.plist.zip
  13. So I finally installed 10.13 on my Dell Precision M6500. I'm highly Clover challenged so I consider this an accomplishment Needed some help with devices. I am using Clover v4233 What works - Bluetooth in BT+Wifi Combo card works - Webcam Works - USB2.0 port/e-SATA port on the RHS What does *not* work - Wireless in BT+Wifi Combo card does not work. I know I can get it working patching kext in /S/L/E, but need to do this in Clover. - USB3.0 ports on the LHS - Sleep does not work (it pretends then turns back on). From 10.12 experience I think Webcam preventing because when I had disabled it then, it did work as long as I didn't have any USB2.0 device plugged in as well. I have changed hibernatemode to 3 and trashed sleepvarimage, but no dice. - SD Card I know Webcam and BT are internally USB2.0 which I think believe is Intel 5 series board. Vendor 8086. Device Ids 3B34, 3B3C. I think one is USB port and one is eSATA/USB combo USB3.0 is Ferenas(???) Vendor Id 1033, Device Id 0194 Camera is 05CA, 1815 BT is 13D3, 3295 WiFi is 14E4, 4357 SD Card is 104C, 803C All relevant files attached (I think) PS - The clover.plist has EHC1/EHC2 patches disabled. I added them thinking it would fix my USB3.0 issues. I ended up trashing my BT and Webcam. One way I realized they are internally USB2.0 PPS - The only kext I don't have in /L/E is USBInjectAll. Not sure I should put this one in /L/E because from whatever I read, that supposed to be temp solution and patching is right way. Appreciate if anyone can help. Not even sure at this point what needs to be patched in the DSDT and what in clover.plist. Guessing it's combination, since everything may not be a Clover patch. Archive.zip
  14. griftopia

    Precision M6500 Clover USB

    Problem Solved. Unsure if bug in Clover or what. /boot was still Enoch. I copied Clover boot onto /boot. Booting into Clover :-)
  15. griftopia

    Clover Won't Boot Up From HDD

    blazinsmokey, can you actually tell me how you used gdisk? I'm having similar issue as outlined on this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/328177-precision-m6500-clover-usb/