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    HP Mini 311 - Project Thread (Part I - OLD)

    When I get back to my house I plan on trying out OSX on my 311. I Haven't had much experience OSX but I will help in any way possible. I got a 311-1000NR with N270, wireless G, and 1 gig of ram till I pick up a 2GB stick.
  2. slipk487

    Dell OptiPlex SX270

    any one have an answer. at least is it possible or not.
  3. slipk487

    Great Offer on geforce 8800

    I've hear good of evga and xfx. But i think that a evga is a better buy. Also havnet herd of a gt 8800 but i guess it coming out soon. all depends on a price of the 8800GT.
  4. I have just installed 10.4.8 on my Dell. I have used Mac OSX on a G3 PPC at my school/work and i like the Mac interface and how everything works. So far everything has gone great and im enjoying my experience running on a machine that is not Mac. My problem is that one of my favorite games which is Warcraft III. It complains about opengl and i know that one windows it will run under both opengl and directx. I know that Macs use opengl. Is there anyway to get around that fact. Here are the specs on my system. Intel 865G Chipset P4 3.0 GHz Hyper-Threading 2x512 MB of Ram Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Is there anyway to resolve this problem Also this computer has no expansion ports or i would have just put in my own graphics card. Thanks Jeremy