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  1. same problem on ga-p55-ud4, still no luck with it
  2. man i have the same thing. it started after 10.5.6 update and switching to voodoo kernel, so it seems that problem in it. i don't know, how to fix it to avoid the kp, so used to delete dropbox, though it's rather useful app.
  3. How to boot "bootable utilities"?

    i suppose you just need do boot from your cdrom, go into your bios and set boot device order
  4. leopard graphics update 1.0

    just press install in pacifist
  5. [TUTORIAL]how to enable QE/CI on NVidia 6600 GT 256 PCI-E

    as i understand using gfx-strings method is beter cause it's not writing any information in kext during system load, you even don't have to modify any system kexts while using efi-sudio, for example. i suppose, it means that your system is more «native», and working more stable because of it.
  6. boot with -v then watch, on what step loading freezes, then ask questions.
  7. are you a hackintosh newbwie? just use search and you'll find information about AMD Software Updater, special utility or updatin' amd mashines. On this forum you can find a download link.
  8. man, attach the ASU here please, file unavailable now from anywhere, so others can get it only after reloading...
  9. LEOPARD Leo4all complete tutorial

    actually, such questions have to be asked in another thread («Hardware & Drivers» for example), but listen. First of all, you need a working Natit. It just needs to recognize your hardware, availability of changing res or QE/CI absolutely unnecessary. After that you have to find a tutorial, how to add GFX-string of your hardware to boot.plist file (try to search forum on netkas.org). hen just install last MBP drivers (file called NVInstallerV.41, just google), and find these files: NVDANV40Hal.kext, NVDAResman.kext, and GeForce.kext. Then find this string in in o.plist of ALL THREE files <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x****10de</string> find your GC device id (boot unuder win and watch properties of GC) and replace **** with your device id. actually, you can keep only one string with your GC's dev id & vendor id and delete all other. they need just to make driver universal for all nvidia cards. Then replace com.Apple.boot.plist with GFX string in it (do everything as in tutorials). After that you shoul have fully working graphic cards.
  10. NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS Driver wanted

    try to use adding gfx-string method to avoid using nvinject, and use latest nvidia kexts from NVInstallerV.41. i suppose it won't be a problem to find these files. also you need to write your card dev id in plists of GC kexts from installer.
  11. Hi guys, I had a problem: on Leo4all distro I couldn't enable QE/CI. I tried Natit, different kexts from 6600 LE and others, but no luck My specs: AMD Athlon 3200+ NForce 4 chipset Nvidia GeForce 6600gt 256 mb pce-e 16x Leo4All ditro. After many, many searches I found a way how to enable QE&CI on my graphis card, but I'm sure this is an almost universal way 'cause it uses a GFX-string method. Details of this method you can see here (in russian) or here (english). If you want, you can use my set of files I used to get QE/CI enabled on my system. There are 2 notes: these kexts will be most suitable for you if you have an Nforce chipset, and the second is that you have to do have to replace device id on your own. My 6600GT 256 PCI-E kexts I hope i help you, 'couse when I searched my own solution nobody helped me, and i suppose this post will be useful.
  12. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    using this method i managed CI & QE enabled for my ATI mobility radeon x2300 on vaio vgn-cr11zr, but there are some artefacts appear during work. somebody have an issue of that? resolution 1280x800 after editing startup strings UPD: use mouse locator to remove artefacts, after installing it everything is OK