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  1. Feeding EDID

    Hi, A weird question. I have a Hackintosh (Intel DG31PR mobo, Lion 10.7.5) I use it as an in house server. There is no need to attach a monitor to it, as a matter of fact, it doesn't even have a PCI video card, only the onboard video. When I VNC to it, it only shows one resolution(1024x768) and it looks too small on a 23" monitor. I am curious if it's possible to take the EDID from the 23" 1080p monitor on my iMac, feed the EDID through a plist or something to trick the Hackintosh into thinking there is a 23" monitor attached?
  2. Hi, does anyone know how I can change the color of the trackpad/mouse pointer? I have multiple monitors, often the pointer gets lost. I can make it bigger but I would like to make it red so I can see it easily. I prefer not to use any third party software to do this. The pointer must be in some system resources, but does anyone know where the resources are stored in the file system? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I updated my hack to Lion 10.7.1, everything worked perfectly. The other day I updated to 10.7.2, however, it won't pass the message "Still waiting for root device" after trying many suggestions on the net, to no avail, anyone has any suggestions?
  4. 3 monitors on GT220?

    Thanks for the reply. I was under the impression it will output all 3. Do you have an AMD card you can recommend?
  5. Lion and PNY nvidia 8400GS

    Thanks guys, I returned the card without trying GraphicsEnabler, stupid me. But I got a 1G Gigabyte gt220 card with GraphicsEnabler, it works right OOB with DVI and HDMI!!! So happy now I just need to get the HDMI audio working.
  6. 3 monitors on GT220?

    Hi, my trusty PNY 7300GT died on my HackPro. I got a Gigabyte GeForce GT220 1G, this card works almost OOB, all I needed is to set GraphicEnabler to Yes, I am not absolutly sure if QE/CI are working, but it plays my DVDs, the picture looks awesome, and when the screen saver "Flurry" comes on it looks the way it should be so I think I can safely assume QE/CI are working. This card has 3 outputs, HDMI/DVI and VGA, right now I am using HDMI for my HP Hd monitor . still need to get the audio tho, DVI is on a wide screen Acer. I have another Acer wide screen monitor, Is it possible to use the VGA output to make my system to have 3 displays ? like 3 desktops? I am running Lion 10.7 on an Intel DG31PR board, 4G of RAM Q660 quard core.
  7. Hello, recently, my 7300gt card burned out, which is really ashame, because it was working so perfectly, with dual monitor and everything. I couldn't find a replacement so I got a PNY nvidia 8400 GS. Did anyone get this card to work and can you tell me how? I used a few gfx strings but they don't seem to work.
  8. Snow Leopard on Presario C500

    I used Mac Snow Leopard for PC's iATKOS_S3_v2 2 on the same compaq as yours. My "MacPaq" :} after some patches with the track pad and the notorious boardcam wireless card everything works just like my Macbook, except for the battery life. DOwnload the iso, let me know if you need some of the kexts.
  9. Magic Trackpad.

    Why waste Chanel 5 on dog poops?
  10. 10.6.6 is out

    Works great on my hack http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/style_ima...-emo-button.png !!!!
  11. Hey, thanks for this, I had been pulling my hair out now I am almost bald trying to fix this trackpad issue, I installed this preference pane and now it retains my tap setting!! Now my HackBook Pro is perfect!!!
  12. Hello, I have installed 10.6.5 on my Compaq C500 lappy I installed VoodooPS2 from the Voodoo PS2 installer (0.98 version) from the Chameleon website which includes the preference panes thing for the trackpad, it works beautifully, the only issue I have now is that , in the Trackpad Preference, I selected the Clicking check button (I really like the tap feature) but for some reasons, it does not retain, after reatart, I have to go back to redo it again, as always after I selected it it works again. Does any one have the this problem and hoe to fix it? thanks in advance.
  13. HI, I have asked a similar question before. Finally I successfully installed iAtkos S3 10.6.3 on my PC, everything works great until I updated it to 10.6.5, noW it keeps hanging when it gets to SBMSC Identifier (non-unique): XXXXXXXX- XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX 0xVVVV 0xPPPP 0xRRRR, I did a search on this subject, it seems it's not an uncommon issue, but I could hardly find any solution to it, does anyone know what causes it and how to solve it? at the time it happened, I had no USB devices connected to my PC.
  14. iAtkos S3

    hi I have tried many distros of Snow leopard on my PC, so far the iAtkos S3 seems to be the best among all but however it still has its share of problems mainly the display.After the installation, I reboot, it' like hit or miss, some times it boots up nicely, but most of the time I get the BSOD, few times I get to the Desktop, It works reall well, I especially care about the displays and I really need rotation support.because I have a dual head, one of my monitors needs to be in portrail mode, when I install with ef optioni, sometimes when it works, it works great, rotation QE/CI all work, but most of the time it goes in BSOD. I tried NVDarwin, NVInject, and NVKush, without the efi string, that got rid of the BSOD problem but however, I lost rotation support.Is there an Injectot supports rotation? what about the Efi string, what do I need to put in the efi string to get rotation support? my mobo is Intel DG32PR vid card is PNY nVidia 7300GT BTW, this very same setup worked perfectly on my Leopard 10.5.8 Hackintosh.
  15. Hi, I am writing this on my semi working SL Hackintosh, one thing strange is, for some reasons, all hard drives including USB drives all show up as folders. I read a post somewhere in this forum which has a solution, but I can't find the post any more and I forget what the solution is. Could someone tell me what need to be fixed? Or point meto the post if you know the post. Thanks a million.