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  1. ATI ES1000 / 10.8.5

    I have the said card built-in to a Dell PowerEgde 1950 server. After many problems I managed to install Niresh 10.8.5 distro on a SATA attached hdd and it was accessed (booted) via the said Niresh Clover bootable installation thumbdrive. To boot the distro I needed to boot to the thumbdrive and then boot from it the right SATA hdd partition firstly booting an efi option (for some reason) that shortly returned to the Clover menu, and later the standard (legacy?) option that loaded the OS X as it should. I cloned that partition to another hdd, SAS, that is hooked up to the main PE1950 controller (PERC5/i). I have no problem to boot it directly using Grub2 (bootloader native to Linux) but it seems the ati card is no longer recognized properly. OS X sees only 1MB (out of 16) and the best and only resolution I can get is 640x480. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could try to elaborate on what might have happened. I suspect this may be related the bootloader (Clover) passing some extra arguments to the kernel but as I am not very familiar with OS X, I am not sure where to start from and what should I check and later fix.
  2. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Reporting success (as of the SAS driver). I activated the SATA port and hooked up a sata 2.5" hdd. Installed 10.8.5 from Niresh distro (this is the only one I managed to install so far. Niresh 10.9 panics, Hackintosh 10.10 installs but after rebooting it just hangs forever - still working on it). To boot it I needed the 10.8.5. installation thumbdrive (with Clover) and after it is loaded I have to execute efi boot to the SATA drive that brings you back (failing?) to the Clover boot screen again and only after this it boots as it should from the non-efi oprion. When I had it up and running I just installed (installer application) the duckzcry's release package and it did the job perfectly - all SAS drives become visible. Under Linux (sorry, feel more comfortable) I partitioned the SAS drive for the SATA 10.8.5 partition to fit (same size etc), and transferred it by simple dd if/of. I run grub installer under Linux to update the bootloader on the SAS bootable drive. Booted as per normal via grub menu with the exception that it stopped recognizing the video card (? - I have it at fixed 640x480 now with no options to chose and no specific card info under the system-information respective screen). Another thing I don't get, when I booted it from the SATA drive OS X recognized 3.02GB RAM only (4GB physical, ATI ES1000 16MB allocated). Booting it from SAS it recognized 4GB. Besides the graphics, the ethernet cards are not yet working. (Dell PowerEdge 1950II, 2x Quad Core E5345@ 2.33GHz, 4GB, 2x SAS 2.5" on iPERC5. More details in my earlier posts in this thread.)
  3. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Sorry for my much delayed response. Hectic period and nothing goes as planned. I don't have kextutil on any of the bootable distribution I manage to boot. Only kextload that fails with the message that I should use kextutil. I can hardly comprehend this booting chaos. Now I can boot Hackintosh Yosemite from BD (that I burnt from iso supposingly for a VM) but only if I boot it from a Niresh 10.8.5 thumbdrive distro. It tried to follow: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298521-easy-yosemite-1010-final-usb-installer-updated-10162014/ but it does not boot at all from such prepared thumbdrive, PE1950 has one SATA port. I am going to hook up a sata hdd to it and see if I can install some bootable OSX on it. This should give me more freedom to play around with your SAS kext.
  4. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    I will do it but I need some time to learn how as the earlier option (10.10) does not work any longer after the FW upgrade.
  5. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Thanks dukzcry for your response. I simply and apparently wrongly assumed efi could provide sort of translation layer but if not, I agree. For the earlier problem it was like this: I was trying to install 10.10 booting from the Niresh'es 10.10 distribution usb img. I booted with the argument you suggested (kext-dev-mode=1 – as far as I can see it is enabled in this distribution by default) copying the kext to /System/Library/Extensions. I tried two kexts mentioned in this thread, one of MRSTIMPy and the other of yours (full debug, output below). Both failed with the message indicating a firmware problem: Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] InitializeController Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] [Helper] Region starting at 0xfc320000 Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Memory mapped at virtual address 0x93205000, length 8192 Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Attach Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Transition_Firmware Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Firmware state: 0xf0000000 Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Waiting for firmware to become ready Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Firmware fault Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] Can't attach device Nov 15 02:45:38 localhost kernel[0]: [SASMegaRAID] IOService->free The controller has two SAS hdds attached. It booted (still does it after fw upgrades) with no issue both Linux and Win7. Package 5.1.1.-0040 FW ver. 1.03.10-216 Bios ver. MT28 CtrlR ver. 1.04-107A Boot blk ver. R.2.3.12 This firmware was upgraded to Package 5.2.2.-0072 FW ver. 1.03.50-0461 Bios ver. MT28-9 CtrlR ver. 1.04-019A Boot blk ver. R.2.3.12 The PE1950 main bios was upgraded to 1.10 2.20 from 1.4.x (IIRC because I was stupid enough not to write it down). Now, after upgrading the booting (usb thumbdrive) ends up for both .9 and .10 with the same kernel panic: "can't perform kext scan" but here goes some observations: - it is not instant, it clearly reads the /System/Library/Extension (at least for .10) so it looks like after a kext gets injected something gets *beep* - .9 boots well to the installation screen if: i) it boots from optical usb drive ii) (sometimes, I can't figure out the pattern) it boots well from the thumbdrive but an optical drive with .9 has to be present (in this case the OD blinks maybe 2 times only during the whole installation process) As I am very novice to OS X not sure if the following is valid, but it seems to me something interferes with the USB thumbdrive/(er) during the boot time so in some point the file system on the drive is not present/mounted any longer. Could this be the case of “Can't perform kext scan”? I guess now I will try to do it all more proper way not using the ready distributions but through the guidelines found on this website.
  6. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Dukzcry, thank you for your efforts to develop the driver. I tried to load it, got a message about firmware fault, upgraded the firmware and fell into more serious troubles. I am not giving any details here because I have a more basic question. I've been trying to make OSX to boot from PowerEdge 1950 gen II directly from a PERC5/i SAS hdd. Is it possible at all? As far as I know the said Dell has no (u)efi. In similar situation to boot it from Linux I would need to have the driver inside the kernel. Is it the same for OSX (seems it should be)?