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  1. Need to purchase a SATA DVD Drive - Advice

    How is your DVD drive connected to your Motherboard. Did you connect it to the SATA 2 port using a SATA wire? I'm not sure if mine is connected right, anyone got a picture of how its supposed to be connected?
  2. Need to purchase a SATA DVD Drive - Advice

    Hey guys, I have an SH-203B but whenever I pop in Kalway's leopard 10.5.1 DVD at boot I get a 'system config file not found' error. I think it's cause my drive isn't reading the DVD right. Is this caused because the drive is not connected to the motherboard by SATA? Any help would be greatly appreciated. System specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Asus P5B Motherboard 1 GB RAM 320 GB SATA Hard Drive SH-203B SATA DVD reader/burner
  3. OSX86 Installation Trouble

    Anyone know how to get the SATA dvd reader to read the image from the DVD on boot?
  4. OSX86 Installation Trouble

    I have a computer with a intel E6400 processor, SATA Hard Drive hooked up to the SATA 1 port on my P5b Motherboard and a SATA Samsung DVD drive (SH-203B) but whenever I try to boot up osx86 and try to install I always get a 'system config file not found' error. I have tried numerous combinations in my BIOs and nothing seems to work. Should my DVD reader be connected to the SATA 2 port on my motherboard to get past this message? Please help .
  5. Hello all, whenever I try to install osx 10.4.8 via VMware the only partition that shows up in Disk Utility for erasing is my partition with Windows on it. I have installed 10.4.6 before on a separate partition than the windows partition, but 10.4.8 doesn't seem to be detecting this other partition. Also, I decided to get 10.4.8 because I could not run version 10.4.6 natively. It would only run though VMware. My Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Asus P5B Mobo 1 GB RAM ATI Radeon x1950xt 320 GB Hard Drive into 3 partitions The partition I want osx86 on is primary and FAT32 and I am unable to install any version of osx86 without VMware because I get an error when I try to install it using a DVD. Any Help would be appreciated.