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  1. bcm5906 (and maybe others ) working

    Wow! Thank you so much for posting the link to this! Finally have my 5906M card working on SL (even Lion too)! Honestly never thought a working driver would ever exist. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To the developer Adlan at InfiniteMac: I you!
  2. You'll probably have to do what I ended up doing once I got stuck there initially. In Terminal type: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder Then manually copy over the hidden package files to their destination. Once finished, you can re-hide hidden files by replacing TRUE with FALSE in the code above. Good luck.
  3. {censored}. I'm at a lost then, sorry. Just making sure you guys are using fakesmc in s/l/e too right? I'm sure you are, but didn't notice it listed in the screenshot. Hopefully someone else can help you.
  4. Have you tried a power management disabler by any chance? Here's a link to one I'm using with 10.7. To install: - Place the kext in S\L\E - Open Terminal and type: sudo chown -R root:wheel (drag the kext from Extensions folder to copy the path) - Remove the kext cache located at: S\L\Caches\com.apple.kext.caches\Startup - Reboot Kext Good Luck.
  5. Just an fyi on the new reverse scrolling: I heard this can be disabled in the Mouse System Preference. Try looking there to return the scrolling direction to normal.
  6. Hey Andy, I have a Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth card with a Vendor ID: 413c. How do I go about adding this in the plist? Every time I try inputing the value it only excepts the 413 not 413c. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks. Also cut my boot time by about 20 sec.
  8. Great job as always Fabio with the installers. Please continue with them.
  9. Yeah, that was Rekursor's thinking too. I have the FSB already set properly in smbios and my cpu is read correctly, so I went ahead and just added the correct memory speed there as well. Thanks for your info. EDIT: Still trying to figure out why Rev.222 can read it properly while the later revs can't.
  10. Hi Rekursor, Just an FYI. The test boot that you provided for me above that got my memory speed read correctly, doesn't seem to be working using the lastest rev (268). It's back to 604MHz instead of 667MHz. I was just curious if the changes with your test boot ever made it into the later versions or not. Thanks.
  11. Regarding the CPU FSB, I think that may be a problem with the way OS X reads my system. I remember that I had a similar problem when I used to use VoodooPower.kext for speed stepping and it had the same issue in reading the FSB correctly. I had to change an option in the info.plist to fix it (I believe it was "UseEfiFsb"). Hope that helps. Regards.
  12. Rekursor- The good news is that your test boot (R244, I believe) now correctly reads my memory, where your boot_v9 (r237) did not. The bad news (for me) is that I got to do some troubleshooting with the kext that enables "CStateOverride=True" in my IORegExplorer. Thanks for your hard work. EDIT: Oops, I see you posted while I was writing this. Disregard.
  13. Ok. I think I may be narrowing down the cause of the problem. Using your test boot with P/C States removed from boot.plist, I get the following values you requested: cpu fsb=181317000 mem channel ratio=16667 At the desktop, the memory is displayed correctly: However, even though P/C States are disabled, I still have them active in IORegExplorer: I also noticed too that I now have 5 values listed under P-States instead of 9. I'm about to disable the kext that I believe is the culprit and update you with the results. It's what i used to get C-States (found here).
  14. Sure thing. I'll get right on that. Earlier I did a little testing with your version 9 boot and discovered that P-States were no longer working. Attached screens for your reference. Thanks for your hard work on this. This is a shot with P-States working: