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  1. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    Oh man, I don't think I can do that easily... can anybody custom the driver for me?
  2. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    well I got it so far.. I didn't clean the kext cache.. now everything is working.. just the System Profiler shows 1GB instate of two... how can I personality edit the card... by the way the guys use this card.. is there a way to use DVI (Master Display) HDMI (Second Display).. and maybe the VGA as 3 Display ? for now just DVI and VGA works separately for Dual Display... (didn't tried the display port)...
  3. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    It can not be a big thing ? I set Graphics Mode to No and system boots up perfectly, I repaired system premissions and set back to Graphics Mode Yes, System Boot but don't show the screen (hangs at the apple logo)... so no I simply type in my password and hit enter without seeing anything.. and now this computer appears in the Network (can access with my Macbook onto).. so means that the system is running and up but just no graphic displayed... ?? what can I do...
  4. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    I have installed now the 48xxExotic10-7-4 hdmi kexts into System/Library/Extensions/ and I deleted the Extensions.mkext from the Extra folder + Insert into the org.chameleon.Boot.plist this lines <key>AtiConfig</key> <string>Motmot</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> but no effect here is the screenshot where it hangs:
  5. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    Someone can help me out with this ?
  6. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    ok did it exactly like this just the /System/Library/Extensions/Extensions.mkext wasn't there.. then I boot it with -f -v but it still come not up last line: vnic0: promiscuous mode enable failed vnic1: promiscuous mode enable failed /drv/ HypIoctls.c:779 Ioctl VT-d status: 0 by booting up without a command it keeps hanging after a while spinning exectly there where the login screen should appear.. and shows this reboot screen with the big switchoff symbol in the background... ?
  7. White Screen - SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB

    where can I find all this drivers ?
  8. Hey I have a full working System running OSX 10.7.4 on Gigabyte UD5 MOBO, and an Nvidia GT520 graphic card.. working really perfect since over a year.. No I changed the GT520 to an SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4890 2GB.. the System is booting up, but hangs on a white screen exactly before the login screen appears.. and the boodloader is flashing something like: Bad display config Block signature for a second or so, before switching to the apple logo with the spinning wheel... also tried to boot -v -x last line is: DSMOS has arrived //but nothing is coming up and I also see a line: NVDAGF100HAL loaded and registered. //isn't this an Nvidia Driver thing ?
  9. Has anybody tried to post install Mountain Lion on the Lion 10.7.4 (Kakewalk).. and if so.. is there a guide how to do. I'm using GA EX58UD5 with Nvidia GT520, works fine on 10.7.4. cheers... ;-)
  10. Hi Guys, I installed Lion 10.7.3 (Kakewalk methode) on Gigabyte: GA EX58 UD5 with a nvidia quadro FX5800.. installation and everything works fine, System is running perfectly the only problem the quadro fx5800 is not supported just 1024pix so I got a simple Nvidia GT520 but it in the same slot where the FX5800 was insert.. but instate of the boot screen or the boot loader is just a black screen.. Also if I plug in the USB install stick, doesn't show anything just black.. by putting back in the FX5800 everything is working (System and Installation)... It look like that there is already a panic at before the boodloader starts, any ideas ?
  11. Lion Hangs after Startup...

    ok got it... I just deleted the NVDANV50HAL.KEXT and it starts up perfectly.. I think I need to get a new gfx card now...
  12. Lion Hangs after Startup...

    these are the lines I got if I start with the -v string Last line: DSMOS has arrived then it flash with a white screen and the loading circle --seams to be in a resolution of 1920x1080 because the circle is smaller then the one of the starting screen with the apple loge and its also shaper... (also the mouse cursor is visible for a few seconds).. loading circle is turning and turning but nothing happens... (could it be because of my gfx... its a Nvidia quadro FX5800, I was searching around but there was no mac driver or support for this card... its also not listed at the supported gfx cards...) ? if so is there a way to start without a gfx driver.. like at the installation, just to check if the OS is running)..
  13. Hi have a GA EX58 UD5 with a Quadro FX5800, Everything works fine at the installation... If I boot now it starts with the apple logo and the progress circle.. till it change the display resolution to about 1920x1080, also the mouse cursor shows up for a second, the progress circle stays and turn, and after a while its getting darker and darker (like you a layering over and over) and the screen is just white. After a while the monitor go into sleep mode, by pressing any key it wake up, but still shows just the white screen.. seems like a running system but without the UI.. any ideas ?
  14. Quadro FX 5500

    Hi guys, is there any success with a Quadro FX5500.. or are there a hack or driver to use this card.. I found that the Quadro FX5600 is supported but no 5500... is there a way to get it work.. Because I have one laying around here and would be cool to get back in use...
  15. I use a prepaird 10.7 GM with Boodloader Camelion (did it like one of these tutorials of to create a hack OSX Lion from here). This one works pretty good on an Fujitsu Siemens Notebook (Phoenix Bios): I booted with the -v string darwing loading some files for a second, then it switch the resolution a bit and starts loading some files (black srceen with lines) for some seconds.. and the UI Install Screen appears (WOW).... but on my MSI- G41M-P25 (Award Bios) and the Asus- P5KTL-VM is now screen coming up after darwin... If the Boodloader is up, I start it with the -v string to see whats going on... it loads the darwin files till the point where the resolution changes.. (on the Siemens Notebook I can see that on this point it starts to load the osx installation files, I think thats why the resolutione change)... On the asus or msi board it is just turns to black, no screen, now white lines showen, just black.. but the monitor is receiving a signal because the led is not turning to red ... no UI also after 30 mins. whats wrong ? (any ideas.. I thought maybe a graphic problem (I use the onboard cards only)...