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  1. Chipset nforce 430?

    you should be able to use Leo4Allv3 on that configuration are you sure its uses the MCP51 and not the MCP61 bridge? There are two nforce drivers on the disk try both the one called test is best but could give Kernel Panics...
  2. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    @nirvanaguy: that is the same i am experiencing. i am on an HP G5060. iatkos still sees it though, and TOH saw it when i installes the other IOPCI kext but now i canbt find it in ioreg.
  3. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    hi guys, wow the IOPCIFamily.kext made leo recognise my wifi. it still won't power on but it is recognised, which is more than it has ever been. leo sees it loads the apple broadcom kext and it shows up under network in the system preferences controlpanel. in system profiler it shows up under network inerfaces, but when i click on Airport just below i shows no info. funny thing is that i can't find it in ioreg either. any ideas?
  4. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    @boogersniffer: could it be that you changes never actually gets written to rom chip on the card, any way to verify? that would explain why the sprom doesn't work for you. also did you get an error while loading the Dell card onto the HP card. if not that would mean that either the rom chip doesn't get written to or that there actually is enough rom on the chip for the firmware?
  5. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    yeah my idea was that the main difference between the two cards is that the Dell card has the enabling firmware on chip and that the HP, for some odd reason, doesn't. i don't know if its a hardware limitation. my trail of logic is that the cards are probably made by some OEM manufacturer, and not in-house so there is atleast some probability that the cards share almost the same hardware, and that its an implementation strategy. but i am only speculating.
  6. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    ok with the risk of sounding stupid i have a few questions here? have the possibility of getting the original HP/Compaq supplied card to work been scrapped? could it be possible to load the eeprom/firmware from the Dell card onto the original card. Or am i totally out of luck and have to buy a new card to get wireless on my laptop?
  7. What is the best Classic version?

    Voted MacOS 8, though nostalgia allmost made me vote MacOS 7. because of trusty old MacOS 7.5.3, which came preinstalled on my old Performa 5260. It was as unstable at a roboat with holes in it, but it was the first thing i saw, on the first computer i bought with my own money:-)