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  1. Just in case someone noticed my safari problems mentioned here: they're gone with version d6. No problems so far with VMWare Fusion . Transfer Speed via AFP (read) alternates randomly between 50 and 70Mb/s and I have lot of those messages in system.log Mar 15 12:44:28 andromeda kernel[0]: Ethernet [intelMausi]: Not enough descriptors. Stalling. Mar 15 12:44:28 andromeda kernel[0]: Ethernet [intelMausi]: Restart stalled queue! One more change in my original setup is the recent security update 2 days ago. Thanks for your work! roh7
  2. Hi I just gave the driver a try 'cause of those big-data-transfer-problems with hnak's intel1000e. Good news first: it works well, transfer speed is very good - but i got a weird problem: safari always crashes! I rechecked it with i1000e re-installed (checked kextstat that the correct driver is loaded) no safari crash - checked again with mausi-driver: safari crashed. Any other browser (firefox, chrome) did work... I installed the driver on a yosemite 10.10.2 using "clover bootloader" on a Gigabyte H87 MB. Now I'd like to contribute to troubleshooting, but frankly I don't know how. cheers roh7