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  1. But there are 2 problems with doing this: - I can't boot Vista or the Mac, none. Just CD's... Cause GRUB will come first... - Even if I could boot into Mac, I don't think I could access the NTFS files in windows, can I ? At least I can't see the Windows partition from the Mac and vice and versa... Any clues ?? =\ but thanks anyways
  2. Hi there ! I used the DevilHood Dual Boot guide to have Vista and Osx86 Running with Darwin as the Bootloader, but I just got to a little problem here, and I really hope you can help me. I followed all the steps, and got it all running. I was using Vista, and I really got some important documents (college) and downloads on it. So anyways, my cousin tried to install UBUNTU on my External HD, and it didn't work. Now it seems GRUB took control of the whole boot thing, but it's all screwed up. Before it even boots a CD or the hard drive, it says "Non-boot disk, press any key to reboot", I go ahead and press any key and then it'll boot my Vista CD, Mac or whatever. And when it boots the hard drive, GRUB fires up collapses, and that's it. I tried to repair the installation using the Vista Recovery stuff with no success, vista doesn't see any startup problems to fix. And I tried to make vista partition the active one by DISKPART on the DOS Prompt, and I tried to Flag it on the Mac Text mode. I disconnected my external HD and nothing happened either... I also tried to Reinstall Mac to see if Darwin takes control of it with no luck... My only concern right now is BOOTING VISTA to get my stuff out of there, and then fix it. Please give me a hand with this even though is probably something noobish, I would appreciate, David. PS: I'm using a Bad Axe 2, Intel Core 2 Quad, but I don't think that's gonna help, is it ?
  3. DavidLeite

    I can't access boot options / no verbose mode

    nobody know, right ?
  4. DavidLeite

    Freezes at gray screen / I can't see boot options

    I hit all of them! Nothing will work though =/ It goes to the gray screen so fast that I can't even see the darwin black screen before, although I used to see it before for 3 seconds... it sounds like something really stupid as a timeout setting, but I can't come up with a solution!
  5. Hi, I installed Mac OS Jas 10.4.8 SSE3 after a tremendous amount of work. Went through SATA Recognition problems, HFS not found and bla bla bla. I have 2 systems installed, XP and OSX. I'm using acronis os selector. And as soon as I select Mac, it goes straight to the gray screen, where it freezes after sometime. I need to check what the problem is that makes it freeze! So I need to do a verbose boot. But F8 won't bring up the boot options, and nothing else I tried will.. Can anyone help me with that please. ?
  6. DavidLeite

    Freezes at gray screen / I can't see boot options

    when will F8 bring the boot options ? I select MAC OS and now it immediately goes to the gray screen... And if I hit any key repeatedly it'll make that noise from the case speaker of my computer... tee tee tee tee tee. Which seems that the keyboard is working. So, no, F8 doesn't bring boot options up... =/ ps: thanks for the reply!~=)
  7. Hello. I'm kinda noob here. But I have some progress here. I installed Mac 10.4.8 from Jas on my pc (specs below), after a lot of sweat (sata recognition problems, partition problems), and now, when I boot, it freezes at the gray screen. The loading circle spins forever, and a slashed circle shows up within a minute. And it doesn't go anywhere at all. First thing I tried is to check the crash reporter. But I either don't know how to access the text mode, or I can't indeed. I'm using Acronis OS Selector. As soon as I select Mac OS, it quickly show darwin loading, and no matter what I press on the keyboard, it goes to the gray screen without giving me any other option. When I access the text mode booting from the DVD, crash reporter bugs me about "airport driver not found" and "optimization changed from time to space". But I don't think it could be stopping the system to boot up. I don't know what to do... How do I access the boot options ? Is there a possibility they are hidden or something? Would that even fix my problem ? thanks a lot everyone.... any help will be appreciated Processor: Pentium D 3.2Ghz Memory: 1 gb DDR HD: Seagate Barracuda SATA 250Gb Motherboard: P5RD1-VM Graphics: Geforce 7600 GT
  8. DavidLeite

    Acer 3860 Laptop Gray Screen Lock on 10.4.8

    hi i'm having the same problem.. installed mac on pc, everything smooth .. but on start up it locks on gray screen... found out that the error is related to Airport drivers not found like you, and an error saying something like "optimization changed from time to space"... do you have an answer for me how to solve this matter ? thanks for reading
  9. DavidLeite

    OSX86 Hangs at No AirPort driver found.

    did you ever fix this problem dude ? thanks
  10. DavidLeite

    Boot Up hangs with apple grey screen ..help me out

    Hi! I installed MAC OS using vmware, and everything went smooth! But when I reboot my pc and Darwin loads Mac os, it goes to a gray screen with a loading spinning circle until it fails (showing a slashed circle, gray also)... so I checked the crash report and it reported 2 errors: "private/var/tmp : Optimization changed from TIME to SPACE No AirPort driver found" Should that really stop my system from booting ? Please help me out =/ thanks a lot
  11. hey everyone! everything worked fine until I reboot and get stuck on the GREY SCREEN! the loading circle keeps spinning for ever, and after a couple of minutes I get something like a STOP sign... what could be going wrong? I've got a PS2 mouse and keyboard (logitech wireless combo) and a stupid Sata hard drive... VMware could help me actually seing the drives to format it to HF+ type... but I can't get off this grey screen no matter what I do. Please help me.. looks I'm a few steps away! Thankss
  12. DavidLeite

    Asus Striker Extreme 680i [How to..OSX 10.4.9]

    Hello My friend... Seems like you've got a way to access SATA Hard Drives. What about installing OSX directly into them ? I'm having this problem that I can't see my SATA HD on the installer disk utility! Do you know anything I can do ? Thanks a lot!