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  1. But there are 2 problems with doing this: - I can't boot Vista or the Mac, none. Just CD's... Cause GRUB will come first... - Even if I could boot into Mac, I don't think I could access the NTFS files in windows, can I ? At least I can't see the Windows partition from the Mac and vice and versa... Any clues ?? =\ but thanks anyways
  2. Hi there ! I used the DevilHood Dual Boot guide to have Vista and Osx86 Running with Darwin as the Bootloader, but I just got to a little problem here, and I really hope you can help me. I followed all the steps, and got it all running. I was using Vista, and I really got some important documents (college) and downloads on it. So anyways, my cousin tried to install UBUNTU on my External HD, and it didn't work. Now it seems GRUB took control of the whole boot thing, but it's all screwed up. Before it even boots a CD or the hard drive, it says "Non-boot disk, press any key to reboot", I go ahead and press any key and then it'll boot my Vista CD, Mac or whatever. And when it boots the hard drive, GRUB fires up collapses, and that's it. I tried to repair the installation using the Vista Recovery stuff with no success, vista doesn't see any startup problems to fix. And I tried to make vista partition the active one by DISKPART on the DOS Prompt, and I tried to Flag it on the Mac Text mode. I disconnected my external HD and nothing happened either... I also tried to Reinstall Mac to see if Darwin takes control of it with no luck... My only concern right now is BOOTING VISTA to get my stuff out of there, and then fix it. Please give me a hand with this even though is probably something noobish, I would appreciate, David. PS: I'm using a Bad Axe 2, Intel Core 2 Quad, but I don't think that's gonna help, is it ?