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    Legal consequenses of downloading Leopard?

    Ovidio tell: Audentes deus ipse iuvat. God bless darings
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    Network drivers :wallbash:

    Hi I'm italian, i'm connected with Tiscali. Who cares? My problem is simple, i hope that somebody can help me: i have a modem with 2 connections: a standard LAN cable and a USB (that symulate a nic on the pc) ... i installed leopard, i love it , but i can't activate the network. my motherboard (asus p5l-mx) have a network access 1Gbit embedded, but leopard haven't the drivers OR: i can use the usb connection. (with tiger i surf in this mode: the system recognize a generic lan adapter over usb etc. etc.) but with leopard the auto-recognization isn't working.... please help... tank you, i think i'm not the only guy with this trouble...