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  1. My hands are up. I am a bit of a dunce when it comes to Boot Camp. Somehow, ages ago, I managed to install XP Pro 64-bit on my Mac Pro 1,1, running Snow Leopard, using a separate hard drive for the installation. However, I have absolutely no recollection of how I did it, and can only assume I followed something online which probably no longer exists as the world has moved on. I've spent an hour looking through these forums, and haven't found what I'm looking for - a guide on how to install any 64-bit Windows OS on my old MP 1,1. I have used the Bootcamp that came with Snow Leopard to reformat my Windows HD, and managed to install XP Pro 64, but now face the dreaded missing drivers issue - the worst being something to do with the network card, as I have no access to my network or internet, although Windows says the Network Card driver is installed, it also states that several ethernet components are not installed. I'm happy to move to Windows 7 64-bit if that's any easier - I just need to get Windows running on this beast as I can render stuff on it as a Windows machine, but not as a Mac, unfortunately I have tried to install the Broadcom 4401 drivers, but they don't seem to be the correct ones - at least Device Manager is saying it can't find the appropriate drivers when I point it at the .inf file. Any help is seriously appreciated.