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  1. Thanks, installed and working. Gotta work on my x700 video card, but happy enough with this to keep it as my default OS.
  2. I'm trying to tackle my last problem before calling my Leopard install complete. I'm unable to stay in sleep mode because a usb event wakes up leopard Console reports: "USB caused wake event (EHCI)". This happens immediately after putting the system to sleep. I believe it is the built in wireless, which is USB powered. Is there anyway for the system to ignore USB events while it is in sleep mode?
  3. If you are getting a b0 error, it usually means that Fusion found your 'boot camp' before you were able to set the Windows partition as active. To get around this: 1. Make sure Fusion is not running. 2. Using Finder, go to /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion and trash all of the folders (you should see Boot Camp and Helper) 3. continue with step 2 sroddy's tutorial (post 1 in this thread)
  4. After not being able to install Tiger to this machine due to hardware limitations, I gave iATKOS Leopard a shot and have been blessed with a pretty solid install. Still, this notebook was designed with Vista in mind. It has a shinny new "Windows Vista" sticker on it, and while it is not on the highest end of the hardware scale it has the right specs to run Aero comfortably. I ran geekbench to see how much performance I was losing while running iATKOS over a fresh install of Vista. The results According to geekbench, instead of losing performance I am actually gaining by 13%. I expected the exact opposite. I know I am not alone here, who else has gotten similar results? I am interested to see how osx86 performs against Windows XP.
  5. I highly recommend the iATKOS install. I have it installed, along with it's Darwin Boot/EFI emulation combo, and dual booted with vista. Sound, wireless, keyboard (thanks to you).. the only thing bugging me is sleep mode. If there is anything else I can do to help you, let me know. Your help with the keyboard motivated me to get my dual boot setup complete, I owe you help with your wireless.
  6. rootnik

    iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Jesus, that is terrible. I thought something was wrong with my hard drive, actually found this post using google. This need to be on the top post (that disk 0 is actually disk 1 when installing Darwin boot)
  7. rootnik

    Gateway turion laptop

    What install disk are you using? iATKOS found my sata drive with no problems at all. I am also using a laptop, so I do not have any fancy bios settings I can change. This installer and the XxX tiger install disk are the only ones that can see my dive. I recommend trying one of those. edit: I just realized this was an AMD thread. Sorry guys....
  8. Dec 29 10:50:09 coreys-macintosh sudo[557]: corey : TTY=ttys000; PWD=/System/Library/Extensions; USER=root; COMMAND=/sbin/kextload RTL8187Bt.kext Dec 29 10:50:10 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: Bulk-In, Bulk-Out, Interface: family specific matching fails Dec 29 10:50:10 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1 Dec 29 10:50:10 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: RtlUsbFamily::probe(IOUSBInterface) Dec 29 10:50:10 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: RtlUsbFamily::start(IOUSBInterface) <1> Dec 29 10:50:14 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: RtlUsbFamily: Ethernet address 00:c0:a8:fc:9c:88 Dec 29 10:50:26 coreys-macintosh Realtek WLAN Client Utility[560]: *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:]: data is NULL Dec 29 10:50:37 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: en1: DAD detected duplicate IPv6 address fe80:0005::02c0:a8ff:fefc:9c88: NS in/out=1/1, NA in=0 Dec 29 10:50:37 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: en1: DAD complete for fe80:0005::02c0:a8ff:fefc:9c88 - duplicate found Dec 29 10:50:37 coreys-macintosh kernel[0]: en1: manual intervention required Dec 29 10:50:47 coreys-macintosh ntpd[24]: bind() fd 25, family 30, port 123, scope 5, addr fe80::2c0:a8ff:fefc:9c88, in6_is_addr_multicast=0 flags=17 fails: Can't assign requested address Dec 29 10:50:47 coreys-macintosh ntpd[24]: Interface en1 fe80::2c0:a8ff:fefc:9c88 failed to bind I'm not sure what all of those 'fail" messages are about. Everything is working ok.
  9. rootnik

    Apple Stock Breaks $200!

    It would have to split 8 times before I could buy enough to do anything with it.
  10. works with leopard Adding search term: ML6720 (uses this wireless device)
  11. rootnik

    Apple Drops Music Video Prices

    I doubt we will see a drop in music prices. I believe this move is to convince people who are hanging on to older ipods or nanos to upgrade to newer units. tempting...
  12. rootnik

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    You saved me a bunch of trouble with this post. XXX release of Tiger was the only one who saw my ACHI (no fancy bios options to cure the problem on my gateway laptop). I'll wait with hopes that this team releases a Leo installer.
  13. I can't answer this... but the XxX Tiger release is the only install that I know of that detects sata disks in laptops. If you can't find an answer for this install but want to try out Tiger, give XxX a try.
  14. rootnik

    Leopard x86 Install Disc doesn't Boot

    osx86 is not going to work the same in most systems. Even if the install disk burns correctly, it may not work on your machine. You'll have to get use to wasting disks. I would recommend waiting for a real install disk to be released, something you don't have to worry about patching. There will probably be some stripped down disks that will fit on a single layer DVDs.
  15. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php...214#post4406214 This also feeds rumors of a new macbook Tuesday...