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  1. I have a feeling this will be the start of my next Hackintosh if Apple fails to deliver on the MacPro vaporware. Check it out! With the release of the iMac with the same CPU and lack of T2 chip; this combo from Gigabyte would make one hell of a hack. 10Gb Ethernet also.
  2. Good to go here. Updated Clover, nVidia Web Drivers and CUDA. Premiere shows all styles of Mercury GPU Acceleration available.
  3. All good here. Although the install partition had to be run twice from Clover, could be normal for this update. nVidia driver updated to 387...30.103 ok; although I unfortunately got the persistent CUDA update required even after updating (and of course the preference pane had the update button ghosted out). So I removed that manually and will maybe wait for another CUDA update and try again later.
  4. Guess I never really cared about HD disc support. AppleTV has that covered for me. But good info in the above posts.
  5. Probably because Apple never released a system with BluRay DVD support.
  6. Does not appear to be any. I don't really game on this side of the OS. But everything else seems ok. Minimizing windows, scrolling in browser, etc etc.
  7. Just updated my rig, web driver 156 seems to be working ok for me under 10.13.3. 1080Ti.
  8. Cool. Probably going to wait until this weekend to do anything. See more reports of success.
  9. Lack of finding it on nVidia's website. I am not saying it isn't a actual internal build from nVidia, just that it isn't a "official" release. But then again nVidia's website basically sucks for finding these drivers; which I have told them. Also the preference pane should show a new update available if it was an official release yes?
  10. Driver may be fine, but it still does not look like an official release from nVidia.
  11. Is that an official release from nVidia? My preference pane still shows up to date with 378.
  12. So I just copied the NVDAStartup.kext to my desktop and opened the info.plist under Contents and the string for the required OS was blank; Web driver installed is 378., and was downloaded from nVidia. Geforce 1080ti seems to be working properly. Since that string is blank, does that mean an update to 10.13.3 should not pose a problem, or should I just wait for the new nVidia Web driver when released. I am kind of concerned since going from 10.13.2 to 10.13.2 SU hosed me big time, since no new nVidia driver was out. I have seen the patching info for the NVDAStartup.kext, but perhaps the string being blank bypasses the check? Can anyone verify this?
  13. This has not been mentioned, but during the install the first re-boot showed an extra "bootable" volume in Clover that was named "macOS Install" or something similar. My intuition led me to boot that one and the install proceeded as normal. It did take a couple of re-boots to get audio back though. Also the nVidia CUDA preference pane is kind of wacky saying it needs an update, but it is updated. Not a huge issue, but still kind of strange.