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  1. generic.install.dvd on Dell Inspiron 1000

    I have the same problem on my compaq presario V2555 w/ a sempron 3000+ I have actually gotten past all that with: -v -x rd=disk0s2 disk0s2 cuz i got it on a 2nd partition native(i used the deadmoo route) This got me to the place you got last, and to get the keyboard input stream deal to go away, i held down the space bar before during and about 2 seconds after the time that message usually came up. At that time, it only complained about the mouse...So it kept booting after 'checking the catalog file' for like 25 minutes, and then the 'catalog heirarchy' for another 25 minutes. Then it cleared the screen and just printed this one line on the screen at the top about how it wasnt able to start the GUI. So, thats as far as i got. Dunno what the deal is.... I have an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M, by the way.
  2. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    To clear up the speculation, I have a Sempron 3000+ *32 Bit* cpu in my laptop. It also has SSE3 support. So for all the nay sayers out there, i have proven you wrong. Great chip, just wish it had more than 128 L2 at times...
  3. Using Darwin Airport Driver With Osx86 10.4.1

    Brandon05, in the terminal type "sudo su" (if asked for your password, enter it) now type "sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extentions/AppleAirPort2.kext" (case DOES matter) now type "cd /" then type "cd /System/Library" type in "sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extentions" then type "cd Extentions" then type "sudo rm Extentions.mkext" and then type "sudo rm Extentions.kextcache" That got it partially working for me, however i cant see -any- networks with my card, yet the lights are powered on and everything...still cant find the supposed adhoc network when sniffing from another pc....oh well I think its my stupid O2Micro cardbridge...it acts pretty darn flakey under OSX...
  4. Using Darwin Airport Driver With Osx86 10.4.1

    UPDATE: I have gotten my card to somewhat work...maybe about 20-25% It loads the kext at bootup, and powers on, but at the login screen, the card powers down(as soon as it hits the GUI). If it doesnt power down, it does it when i try to specify an AP and Encryption(wep) key manually. I cant for the life of me get it to power back on. Ive tried sudo kextunload /system/library/extentions/appleairport2.kext and it tells me that i have an invalid bundle id. Also, if i remove the card and reinsert it, it wont power back on...anyone know what to do?? UPDATE 2: I got the card to sort of stay on. What i mean is, if i set up an adhoc network (computer to computer) it will stay on and work (or so i think, the adhoc net wont show up on my xp pc's) Maybe this info will help someone, who knows... Card still does not power back on after being ejected, however thats probably something being stupid with my O2Micro pccard controller...
  5. Using Darwin Airport Driver With Osx86 10.4.1

    I need some major help in doing the GCC method on the foo.c file What i have accomplished so far: -Made the actual foo.c file with all the added lines...or atleast i think i did it right. -Uncompressed the .bz2 airport kext from the darwin 8.0.1 CD I am totally lost doing all this...i have done something wrong in the foo.c file because it tells me 'Waring: NULL redefined" and "Warning: this is the location of the previous definition" I have gotten these other errors during my trial/error process: foo.c mad magic number (not a Mach-0 file) can't map file: /System/Library/Extentions/AppleAirPort2.kext/Contents/MacOS ((os/kern)) invalid argument) Can someone help a n00b out?? Also, do i take the line numbers out of this file?> http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/libkern/g....c?v=OPENDARWIN Thanks to all that help!!