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  1. Yes, because is missing the compatibile Apple80211.framework ( located in privateframework directory )
  2. Hi there, I have a DFI Infinity 975 x/g board, and I have issues with this board. It seems that, I need to have modded the bios. The direct link to the bios is here: DFI 975x/g latest Thank you in advance for helping me out. How do I get the modded bios? Will be uploaded somewhere?
  3. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=925132
  4. Gdfath3r

    Apple Tech Support

  5. Gdfath3r

    what one should i buy?

    C'mon boy, you don' know where is wiki, or HCList?...
  6. Gdfath3r

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Can you please describe step-by-step what you did, or which version of (10.4.8 )kernel you have, or if you didany other modification to your installation, I mean, change some other kexts for better compatibility. I tried to install, and I got this: Edit: Finally, got it working. It was my mistake. I did not pay attention where I supposed to. To evebody: read INSTALL.txt!!! Thanks to developer
  7. Gdfath3r

    blue screen

    I have the same problem like you. I'm trying to install with hack groups, without ATI support.....with ATI support I'm getting blue screen too.... Edit: It works!!!!!!!.. But otherway, no CI and QE.... To be more specific, all x1xxx kexts are missing, so no support for 1900xtx at all.
  8. Gdfath3r

    Video card overclocking?

    C'mon guys, I thought you ppl talking about OC utils :censored2: for videocards under Mac...for winsuxx is offtopic....are plenty of utils under windoze
  9. Gdfath3r

    Highest A64 Overclock

    Stock cooling: Memory timings could be helpful for DFI users.
  10. Gdfath3r

    "OSx86", what's in a name?

    The answer is very simple: " Hackintosh "
  11. Gdfath3r

    10.4.8 AMD TEST1 Issues

    Also working great here. Only issue was airport kext, which has to be replaced by 10.4.5 version because the 10.4.8 version fails to work. No problems with AC97. Also no stuttering with dual-core. My only remaining issue is USB......usb fails to work on v2 mode, works only on slowish v1.1
  12. Btw, you seems confused. Why you have problems in windows? This is specific MacOS issue not windows, so if you have problems in win, something terible there....I think you have problems with understanding things......I dont blame you but, probable you dont have idea, what are you doing and what are you saying.
  13. Gdfath3r

    AMD X2 dual core and cpus=1

    1. Idlehalt=0 and downclock the CPU multiplier together works. Also you can increase the FSB in order to do not lose cpu frequency, in this case you have to adjust memory ratio to do not have system lock-ups like here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry199818 Also to use both cores you have to install SSE2 kernel, SSE3 makes cpupanic. In my case I did not notice overheating or heat problems. 2. In this case you can use SSE3 but you have less CPU performance. Disabling one core doesnt damage the cpu since is not set by hardware level, only OS is not using one core, also is not affecting cooling or overheating. Hey Wes, give a try to what I wrote here....... actually is not Apple's fault, Windows users have stuttering too, it seems is a CPU arhitecture problem.
  14. Can you do for me Gdfath3r OSX?.... please, please, please..... Would be so kind of you
  15. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...ench&st=380 Here is one of them, last one is not posted. I already posted too many. About videocard, it was foolish to buy x1900 for speed..under MacOS it is even slower, I have no idea why. About harddrive, youre right, the 16mb cache makes a huge difference.....I realized that sata is a big scam of Intel...it is not faster than IDE, but is a good reason to make people buy new HDD. Only positive thing about sata from my point is the slim sata cable.