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  1. Hello Duran, Thanks for the answer. I saw that topic, but I was hoping that there is some kind of solution for this issue. Do you have any idea is there a chance that someday soon Xcode 6.0.1 will work on AMD or I'll have to sell my laptop and buy another one... About duplicated topic...something happened while is was writing it, and now there are 2 same topics, but unfortunately when I try to delete it it says that I don't have a permission to do that. Can you delete it please?
  2. Hello everyone, As I said in my introduction on this forum, I'm interested mostly interested in iOS development and that's the main reason for building hackintosh. My computer is HP Probook 455 G1 (it has A8-4500 amd processor). Because of that I used Niresh distro to install a hackintosh on my computer. First I tried to make a dualboot, and after that I also tried a VMware but result is the same. I can make my hackintosh to dualboot in both cases, and on VMware even internet, graphic and other things are working fine (I was too lazy to set drivers on doalboot or perhaps in didn't have time because of college and work) even xcode (both versions) is working. I can code, run playground (in version 6.0.1) but when i try to run application in simulator it crashes. Errors are different (but mainly nsmatcherror code=-308, dterror or something like that) and I can't simply work normally. Here is error report (Error is from Xcode 5.1.1 and I would need to make 6.0.1 to work but it looks same on both on first look): To summarize I would need to make iOS simulator working, because I would need to learn swift language for my exam and I would also like to focus on iOS and android development professionally. Thanks in advance!!! Cheers!!! :-)
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    Hello, my name is Miloš, and I'm from Belgrade - Serbia. I work as sales engineer (I'm mechanical engineer actually) but I also made a few android applications and i like programming (I hope that I'll find a job as a programmer soon). I enrolled specialist studies (1 more year) in the field of programming on the college of electrical and computer science in my hometown. My goal is to perfect my knowledge that I earned all by myself (through a lot of online videos and tutorials regarding Java, Ruby etc.). My particular goal on this forum is to learn about making a usable hackintosh. I become interested in the field of iOS programming through a course on college that is covering building of applications for a mobile devices (iOS and android). Since I find it very interesting to programe applications for mobile devices (I already know a lot about android) now I'm focused on iOS (new version of XCODE, swift language etc.). Currently I have a problem with my hackintosh because I cant run a simulator on XCODE 6.0.1 (other things are working fine) and my guess is that I have to configure my lapttop correctly (HP Probook 455 G1 notebook). We'll be seeing each other on the forum!!! Cheers!!!