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  1. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    USB also seems to have stopped working. Hopefully someone can help.
  2. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    I was able to install 10.6.6 but lost proper working sleep and my webcam. I made a backup of my mach_kernel and my extensions folder. I installed the 10.6.6 combo update on my 10.6.0 system. I then did NOT REBOOT, I restored by mach_kernel. Then I rebooted. At that point I had lost my WiFi (not sure if it was from the random sometimes doesn't work). I reinstalled IO80211Family.kext, AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext, AppleIntelGMA950.kext and VoodooHDA.kext. Now most everything is working, except for my webcam and sleep. Hopefully someone can help! :-)
  3. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Open com.apple.Boot.plist a line <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x1024x32</string> Or which ever resolution you want.
  4. New AMD DVD for leopard

    No it does not support QE! :-( Xpress200M.tiff
  5. New AMD DVD for leopard

    How would one test to see if QE/CI was enabled?
  6. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I have the Xpress 200M and I used the file from http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=35345 It allows for my resolution to be 1280 x 800 @ 60 Hz
  7. Acer 5100

    The problem that you have is the SATA harddrive. You can probably get Leopard install via a USB Harddrive. Or maybe you can try installing it via Vmware and then making it native. Can you give us more details where the probelms happen??
  8. Hardware Compatibility List - Leopard 10.5.1

    Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: AMD Version Zephyroth Prebuilt? Manufacturer: Acer Model: Aspire 5102WLMI CPU Model Number: AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-50 Recognised as: 1.6 GHz with 2 Cores Memory/DDR: 1 GB DDR Video Manufacturer: ATI Model: XPRESS 200M Bus Type: PCIe Memory size: 16MB - 128 Resolution: 1280 x 800 @ 60 Hz Required patches or bios flashing: Katana2C.dmg SATA/IDE working: Hitachi Travekstar 120GB 4K120 IDE Philips Dvd-RAM SDVD8821 DVD+-/rw Wifi & patches: Artheros AR5005G with IO80211family.kext from Artheros AR5005G thread. Ethernet: Realtek RTL8139 with PCGenRTL8139Ethernet-1.2.0.zip Sound: Realtek ALC883 with ALC883Audio.mpkg Battery Management: Working with PowerManagement.zip (Computer DOES not SLEEP) Integrated Webcam: Does not Work ENE CardReader: Does not Work Touchpad: Works but is buggy, sometimes freezes and you loose keyboard, however if you use a USB mouse no issues at all with keyboard.
  9. iAtkos for AMD? How To available?

    If you need an AMD version of Leopard you can get the version available on the bay. I have it installed on my Turion 64x2 and its running great!
  10. A little love for us AMDers?

    I am running Leopard on a similar setup. AMD Turion 64x2 1 GB 120 GB HD 128mb XPress 200M On my Acer 5100 Series. I tried a clean install and had problems with my keyboard and mouse from my laptop. However when I did an upgrade from Tiger everything was working good. I just had to reinstall my Wireless Drivers along with my sound driver. I do not have a working airport icon, however with the builtin wireless card I can still be able to get online through Assist Me in Networking! I am using the AMD version of leopard on the bay.
  11. New AMD DVD for leopard

    As mentioned earlier I can only get it to work properly if I do an upgrade from Tiger, or else I am stuck as 1024x768. To get it working nicely on 10.4.8 I used Katana 1.2 ATI Graphics driver, which made it work good. Once upgraded to Leopard it was not an issue, the settings for the graphics card stayed the same. (Unlike when I tried a clean install). As mentioned before if someone has gotten the Atheros AR5005g working on Leopard I would apperciate the help!
  12. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I was able to get the keyboard to work if I do a uprade from Tiger to Leopard. Then everything works except for sound and WiFi. After that I used the sound drivers that I used for 10.4.8 (ALC883AUDIO) and it works. Then I try replacing the IO80211FAMILY.KEXT with the one that made the wifi work (Artheros 5005G) and after going through all the commands get messages saying It was not installed properly and I can't seem to get the WIFI to work. Anyone can help? Specs: Acer Aspire 5100 AMD ATHLON Turion 64x2 Radeon XPRESS 200M (Works at 1200x800) Atheros AR5005G (Need help from you guys!!!!) I would greatly apperciate the help! Thanks!
  13. The Laptop Keyboard Problem

    Having the same issue here. Hopefully someone can help!
  14. New AMD DVD for leopard

    You can use Alcohol 120.
  15. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Anyone else have issues with the keyboard and mouse from their laptops? Mine will not work with Leopard.