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    Asus U3S6 Lion support

    Hi sorry for the bump this still working in high sierra or mojave? greetings
  2. my 9800GT not since sierra (8600GT is older) (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/185097-guide-scripted-yosemitemavericks-install-on-gigabyte-mobos/page-233?do=findComment&comment=2374983)
  3. time is passed, HS is installed and the unit is still not recognized by the eject button in traybar also i brought a official mac keyboard (A1048). and the eject button works without problem. anyone know how fix this issue? greetings
  4. How to apply this patch? what is the dfiference between this and https://github.com/kozlek/HWSensors ? greetings
  5. Jesus, finaly, now can install the update! (I hope this don't crash durning I sleep) Leave empty the FF, FFM, bios version and release date do the trick. Tomorrow more things Greetings
  6. my FF and FFM is empty (now, before i use 0xE907F537, get from internet). but the installation got error about can't pass the firmware checks my bios version is MP51.88Z.007F.B03.1010071432 and the release date is 10/07/10
  7. Hi any firmware version, firmware release date, SMBIOS, etc for MacPro 5,1? only found for mac pro 6,1 and the smart string of the version in the apple firmware page the firmware feature/firmware feature mask is not need anymore inclusive with clover 4220 downloaded throught clover-configurator? greetings
  8. if you see the link posted in the message, is the same solution I posted. and no work for me
  9. ok. tested with EVGA GTX770 2GB via HDMI (force 1080p30 HiDPI with switchresx, because native 4K gets dammsmall icons/UI, my display, ASUS PB287Q, is a NON-HiDPI panel (157x161dpi) the problem is fixed. no NVIDIA injection, no efistring in properties, no webdrivers, all OOTB seems the 9800gt is now unsupported in sierra change NVDASTARTUP.kext by El Capitan version don't work Greetings
  10. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=165608 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=165609 https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-fake-pci-id/downloads/RehabMan-FakePCIID-2017-0109.zip right? or is a special edition(or need edit by hand)
  11. yes, i know my 4k is not suitable for the 9800GT, but is because the display used by other machine (the display is shared between 2 machines, one my main machine and other is the hackintosh machine).I would be happy if the output is 1920x1080, not 1280x1024 (or 1024x756 if use HDMI) like now ok, then i'm going tried with older clover and without webdrivers (but i'm completely sure the webdrivers working like charm with my old (10.10.2) Yosemite installation (before update to sierra) I don't touch the hackintoch rig since 2 yars ago you still no explain what inprovements make these 3kext greetings EDIT: nope - Install clover r3974 (full reinstall) - Remove Nvidia webdrivers and unset in clover nv_driver=1 or NvidiaWeb - Inject NVIDIA in the grapics option - boot arguments: -v darkwake=0 - DVI adapter to HDMI (my display dont't have DVI input) now gets 'No signal' (blue screen) display , but the restart after this, and the KP is gone. now need hard reboot by panic button only works again if set nv_disable=1
  12. thanks! some kext I know it , but others not can you explain (a little) what inprove make this? and where found/how install it (if need a special steps)? in other hand. i'm not sure if I can post this here. I have several problem with my graphic card (9800GT). always get "blue screen" and inmediately reboot the machine (-nvda_driver=1 or enable nvidia web option in clover (r4012)) if enable fakenvidia injector, gets a KP in the nvidiaweb driver also add in the properties the efi string I get with this: https://giuliomac.wordpress.com/tag/efistudio/ but not works (or KP if inject is enable or bluescreen/reboot if disable inject) tested also with AGDPfix. no sucess only works with nv_disable=1 using this plist (https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5ftz39ph8y7hpt/config.plist?dl=0) and you DSDT (untouch) the display is a asus PB287Q (4K) and is connected by DVI-> HDMI adapter, because using HDMI->HDMI, in Vesa mode, i have less resolution than DVI-> HDMI (?) i'm out of ideas, only I lack reinstall the system any help? greetings
  13. sl1pkn07


    Hi seems not work on Sierra Hackintoch:Downloads Hakintoch$ DarwinDumper.app/Contents/Resources/public/bash/script.sh -h DarwinDumper.app/Contents/Resources/public/bash/script.sh: line 516: : command not found DarwinDumper.app/Contents/Resources/public/bash/script.sh: line 519: : command not found ---snip-- if [ -d "$TOOLS_DIR" ]; then csrStat="$TOOLS_DIR/csrstat" fi Seems $TOOLS_DIR is never set --- And can't see the pasword prompt window when try apply the symlink in the GUI is ony make a symlink in /usr/local/bin/darwindumper ? sudo ln -s >$PATHOF</DarwinDumper.app /usr/local/bin/darwindumper greetings EDIT: Maybe is a problem with lowercase/uppercase case sensitive filesystem?
  14. can't extract the file 10,12.zip inside the archive.zip with the default app, but works ok with p7zip BTW, you can explain for what is each kext in the zip? i have the same mobo like you greetings