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    Callisto Technical Discussion

    9100 IGP (U3) dev. 5835: black screen on resolution change with latest version (006). Anyone knows how i can reset the resolution from single user mode? :-)
  2. isprunner@hotmail.com and a big thanks!!!
  3. eRixx

    HP Compaq nx9110

    Thats strange, my screen doesn't accept those kind of resolutions. Not even under windows xp. (Do we have the same make?) The sound will probably remain to be a problem, i found out that it isn't even usable under freebsd ;-)
  4. eRixx

    HP Compaq nx9110

    I succesfully installed the Generic DVD Install to my HP Compaq nx9110 (Dual booting with windows now). There are some 'small' issues: - The dvdplayer is not recognized by the mach kernel, so i had to install it to a partition from within vmware5 running in windows. - The sound card does not work (yet). Its an ADI 1981B (VEN: 1002, DEV: 4341). Tried the AC97 driver with modifications. Working: - Networking 'works out of the box'. - Integrated touchpad. - Keyboard works. - Resolution: 1024x768 (Ati Mobility 9100 IGP). - ACPI works. - Hyperthreading enabled. Any people with an nx9110 and some tips or solutions to my 'small issues' list? ;-)