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  1. Mareep2000

    Can I UPGRADE from XP to Vista?

    I did an upgrade install on my MBP with beta 2. It does allow upgrading but you need to have at least 11.something gb free hard disk space. I originally had xp/osx, so all i did was deleted the efi partition and did the upgrade, all hardware (except bluetooth) working perfectly when vista booted up. Just one tip, don't touch the brigtness control in vista. ever.
  2. Mareep2000

    Installing Belkin F5D7010 not working

    http://web.belkin.com/support/download/dow...V3&lang=1&mode= Try this link Hope it helps
  3. Mareep2000

    Bootable DVD CPU Halts

    Hiya I've had OSx86 running native since it was 1st done, but i'm trying to get this generic DVD to work too. When booting in -v mode, i get past the grey apple logo, but then the beachball cursor appears and i get 'CPU Halted' and then a few messages about ATSServer. (I can't get a screenshot, sorry) After the error, the system resets. Everything (-graphics and modem) works on my current native install, so i'm stuck as to what the problem is. Thnx
  4. Mareep2000

    Boot Loader

    I use BootMagic, it was easy to setup. All i had to do was choose the partitions and it worked flawlessly
  5. My native install would freeze originally, so i loaded up the partition in VMWare to see if it would boot, which it did. Then when i went back and tried to boot native, it worked perfectly.
  6. Mareep2000

    Rhapsody DR2

    I have it on a CD somewhere, but I have never managed to get it to install
  7. Did you 'restore' OSX from inside VMWare onto a partition? If so, there is a simple fix for this. You need to install Darwin 8.0.1 onto the partition first, making sure to format to HFS when it asks. For a quick fix you can type this (which i found on another website): The only disadvantage to the one i just quoted is that you have to use the disk to boot. Hope this helps!
  8. Mareep2000

    Custom Mac Built Wannabe :)

    Cool Case! My PC looks similar to a G5 too, but I can't remember what the case is called People can't tell whether it is a Mac / PC
  9. Mareep2000

    Supported Hardware

    I've got OSX running natively on this spec: MSI 845E Max Pentium 4 533FSB 2.26Ghz 512MB Ram Realtek Network Card + Firewire Gigabyte GeForce 6600 VT AGP EVERYTHING works, with the exception of the graphics This thing runs faster than my PowerMac G4! (I had to boot the Partition back in VMWare to make it boot for some reason).
  10. Mareep2000

    Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Hiya Tried Snes9x : doesn't work becuase no OpenGL Age of Empires II Can't change the resolution and so won't work Pages crashed when making a new document for me iPhoto and iMove work VisualBoy Advance needs OpenGL too