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  1. Hey folks, anyone here having issues opening large .jpg or .pdf files in quick look or using the Preview App?? When I try either the image does not open and Preview stops responding! Any suggestions?
  2. Hi Chris, I have tried the installer but has not worked. It changes the resolution to 1920 x 1080 but it still has a black border around the edge of the display and the display type is not detected. I have tested the pc on multiple screens.
  3. Hi Folks, I am just testing mojave on a Dell 755 with a GT610 card. I have seen a few forums on here that say the GT610 works in Mojave but with no instruction on how it works except other than deploying a NVDAResman.kext to S/L/E and while this works to an extent with mojave detecting the correct card and no lag , mojave does not detect the name of the monitor connected and only has a resolution of 1024x768. Also the screen has a black border around the edge. Has anyone here gotten the GT610 to work correctly and if so how was this achieved.
  4. I have a dell 760 and was running 10.13.6 without issue. I have updated to 10.14 and cannot get the audio to work. I have tried the Apple HDA rollback with the lilu.kext and applealc.kext from the dell 780 and this does not work. Any Suggestions?? Edit: The latest applealc & Lilu kext releases from github fixed the audio.
  5. Hey folks, When I create the USB installer using the method as in the High Sierra tutorial and apply clover to same and import my config.plist and DSDT I cannot get the Dell to boot from the USB installer. I have added my kexts to 10.14 kext folder and other folder in clover. I am putting mojave on a blank hdd. When I connect my high sierra hdd which has the latest clover bootloader on it, I can boot from same and select the USB installer and install mojave on the blank drive. When i then apply clover to same again importing my config.plist, DSDT and kexts folder, again I cannot boot from the mojave drive. This is identical to the EFI partition I have on my High Sierra drive which boots with the exception of the 10.14 & Other folder in EFI/Clover/Kexts. Anybody have any suggestions on why the Mojave drive or USB installer are not bootable??
  6. Hey Folks, Trying to build an installer for mojave on a dell 760. Please see screen shot of system spec. Can you advise if you used the steps as per the High Sierra guide?? I have used these steps to create the installer and I keep getting a crash.... black screen with white stop circle.....
  7. Hi Macpeet, I use the same Dell optiplex and the same GT710, Could you zip up the HDMIAudio.kext you used so I can test my HDMI audio.
  8. Hi folks, Has anyone had any issues with updating clover on their 10.13.5 hackintosh ? I have 2 machines and when I have updated to clover version r4522 on both machines, it broke Imessage. It gives a activation error on imessage and facetime. When I rolled clover back to r4428 both services worked again.
  9. Apologies ricoc90, I didn't know there was a 10.13 thread. The rollback applehda.kext fixed my audio anyway. Thanks for all you help.
  10. Ricoc90, Apologies, the issue is with the 760 so I need to roll back to the vanilla applehda.kext or use a modified one?? Also the layout of my DSDT file was edited for the Applealc.kext method so do I have to roll this back also? I am a bit of a novice on this!
  11. ricoc90, Can I ask what audio method you are using. Since I updated my audio has stopped working despite updating clover, lilu.kext & applealc.kext.
  12. Ricoc, Thanks for the update. I tested my monitors using DVI & hdmi and you are correct, these do work. My original config was VGA & DVI and it does seem that the update does break VGA. When I tested my system using just one monitor through VGA my monitor is getting no signal!!
  13. can you confirm are you using MacOS generic drivers or Nvidia webdrivers??