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  1. Saphire Radeon HD 4850

    YES!, I'm so excited finally getting this card working on OS X Mountain Lion, now running at 1080p with Quartz Extreme and Core Image. The funny thing is that I was just a pair of lines away from making it work. The procedure was this: - Installed OS X ML using Kakewalk, just make sure to use Chameleon bootloader. - Replace ATI4800Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext with the Exotic ones from here: http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2900 - Edit org.chameleon.boot.plist adding the following lines: <key>AtiConfig</key> <string>Motmot</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> -Reboot and should boot at native screen resolution working. Hope it works for you!
  2. Saphire Radeon HD 4850

    I've been looking for a workaround, and found out that after deleting any kext with "ATI" or "AMD" from /S/L/Extensions and /Extra plus deleting the DSDT file, the system still does not boot with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes", justs hangs during the grey apple and rotating circle, or in verbose mode, no KP or errors...
  3. Saphire Radeon HD 4850

    Im having the same problem as Nolira, and using "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" freezes the system at boot. Checked the verbose mode and it just freezes at random line, no signs of error or graphics related. Disabling GraphicsEnabler makes the system to boot, but the card still unrecognized and kexts unloaded...
  4. Hello, i had an perfectly working dual-boot OS X Snow Leopard / Windows 7 installation, booting with Charmeleon, but i just reinstalled Windows 7, and i cant boot back to Charmeleon. I tried marking back the OSX partition as active, but it doesn't loads after BIOS, just a black screen and a blinking bar. My HDD is configured as GUID with 2 partitions (OSX and W7) and two 128mb partition (EFI i guess). i can only boot to windows, i tried BootThink, EFIEmpire and with windows boot manager (via EasyBCD) but all of them gave me Kernel Panics; on bootthink i cant enter to verbose, on EFIEmpire and Windows Boot Manager, something about com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlataform... please help me, i have valuable information and documents on OSX partition and now i just can access to it (nor boot to OSX) any thought, idea is appreciated! PD: please excuse my writing, im spanish speaker, any question will be answered as soon as possible
  5. Hello, im having troubles with parallels desktop, it is running VERY SLOW, at any situation, even Win98 Scandisk is slow..., so i think it is something about configurations or something, also because i didnt have this problem before (before 10.6.4). my specs are down below on the signature i tried installing win xp, and after hours of installation, it was unusable, unresposive mouse pointer, and, if it responses, anything takes years to load, even start menu... then tried Win2000, it didnt pass through installation, so deleted it, now im trying windows 98 and after a half hour or so of formatting the disk, it is crashed at 0% in ScanDisk, and as a matter fact, CPU usage is ALWAYS (before BIOS) at 100%, sometimes more or less but it has very high usage at only one core. also, i had the same problem in parallels 5 (im running 6 now) and on vmware fusion... any thought, idea or anything about whats happening is greatly appreciated, i just want to run lightweight software, or casual games, please help... thanks
  6. well, i having my best experience with hackintoshes by now, almost everything works well, but recently i got an "micro" USB bluetooth dongle (almost same as http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11866 i believe) that does work well on W7, but on OSX it ALMOST works, it is detected by system preferences and shows on bluetooth in system profiler, i can even discover devices, retrieve names and other info, but it can't send files... i followed the steps from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1531024 but it didnt make any change... when i try to send anything to my phone, it takes a year "connecting with device..." and then "there was an error connecting with the device", also my phone shows up on iSync app and there are a network interface called "Bluetooth DUN" specifications of the dongle are: ON USB: Bluetooth USB Host Controller: Product ID: 0x0001 Vendor ID: 0x0a12 (Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.) Version: 19.15 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Location ID: 0x5a200000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 0 ON BLUETOOTH: Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 2.3.3f8 Hardware Settings: Address: 00-1F-81-00-02-50 Manufacturer: Broadcom Name: Firmware Version: v3 c3 Bluetooth Power: On Discoverable: Yes Vendor ID: 0xa12 Product ID: 0x1 HCI Version: 3 (0x3) HCI Revision: 3 (0x3) LMP Version: 3 (0x3) LMP Subversion: 3 (0x3) Requires Authentication: No Services: Bluetooth File Transfer: Folder other devices can browse: ~/Public Requires Authentication: Yes State: Enabled Bluetooth File Exchange: Folder for accepted items: ~/Downloads Requires Authentication: No When other items are accepted: Ask When PIM items are accepted: Ask When receiving items: Prompt for each file State: Enabled Devices (Paired, Favorites, etc): Device: Name: Joaco Address: 00-1f-01-5c-a7-ae Type: Mobile Phone Services: Paired: Yes Favorite: Yes Connected: No Manufacturer: Broadcom (0x3, 0x2222) Device: Name: AlcatelOT-800A Address: 00-16-98-49-92-00 Type: Mobile Phone Services: Paired: Yes Favorite: No Connected: No Manufacturer: Broadcom (0x4, 0x4120) Incoming Serial Ports: Serial Port 1: Name: Bluetooth-PDA-Sync RFCOMM Channel: 3 Requires Authentication: No Outgoing Serial Ports: Serial Port 1: Address: Name: Bluetooth-Modem RFCOMM Channel: 0 Requires Authentication: No anyone got this working please help me
  7. Hello, i recently bought a Bluetooth dongle for my hackintosh, but i cant get it to work It's the same as DealExtreme sells, it apparently has a Cambridge Sillicon Radio chipset, as i can see on System Profiler: On Bluetooth and on USB Tree It discover other devices, even pair with them, but i can't connect to send files as it throws an error "Error connecting to device". Also, it worked as soon i connected it by USB, showing a new network setup "Bluetooth DUN", and appearing the Bluetooth pane on System Preferences (btw it most times crash or takes too long to load). On bluetooth pane, i can't turn off or on, if i set it as "not discoverable" it crashes forever until i log to another session (i resolved this deleting a kext named maybe as "networkconfigurations", on /<user>/library/). Please help, i have read a lot of posts of this same dongle, but all works . also, please excuse my redaction, im not english speaker thanks
  8. Guide to install mac os x on acer aspire one d250

    Hey gilg2533! Thanks for the info about the disablesleep, It's a really good option to the real sleep while We can find how make the sleep works. I have a question, What do you do to make the internal microphone work? I have everything working except Sleep and Microphone (My AOD250 Hasn't bluetooth). I will really appreciate your help! Regards!
  9. Install SNOW LEOPARD 10.6 on ACER ASPIRE ONE D250

    i had the same problem, is because NBI 0.8.4 RC1, try reinstalling NBI 0.8.3... i installed NBI 0.8.4 on 10.6.2 an got KB booting normally.. then i updated to 10.6.3 and installed NBI 0.8.3 and is working perfectly... also i had to remove any existent rest of SleepEnabler.kext (from Extra/Extensions.mkext too) otherwise i get KP on boot... Hope it helps... also, anyone got internal/external MIC working?
  10. hi, im having troubles installing snow leopard, i have spent a lot of hours/days trying to install on my pc but always get errors, or problems. first my specs are: EP45-UD3P, i have readed that is almost perfect mobo for OSX, anyway i cant even install it core2quad Q9400 2.66mhz, 4gb ram ddr2 800, nvidia 7300 256mb ( ) and well i have a IDE DVD drive, and a SATA HDD, also an external USB DVD drive i followed a lot of tutorials to install leopard, but none worked for me The most common guide uses a 8gb thumb drive, witch i dont have, so i cant use that guide the alternative way was using a bootloader CD to boot from it and then load de Snowleopard install CD, but on the bootloader i press F5 it get struck reading the DVD and then gives "EBIOS Read Error: device timeout, block 0x0 sectors 0" The last chance was installing and leopard distro and install from leopard, snow leopard on another partition. i tried this but i cant boot the snow leopard installation, since i use ONE hard disk, i have Leopard and Snow Leopard on the same disk, so it boots LEOPARD instead of SNOW LEOPARD. even if i try too boot the SL partition from darwin bootloader i get an errror saying it can boot the OS please excuse my redaction, im not english speaker
  11. Instalar iDeneb en Acer

    el problema de "still waiting for root device" a mi tambien me ocurrio, tienes que fijarte en seleccionar el chipset adecuado para la placa madre, si estas inseguro, instala todos.. asi lo hize y me funciono...
  12. hello, i have a problem with my Logitech cordless USB keyboard, when i shut down my hackintosh and then shut on(not restart), the bios dosn't recognizes my keyboard, so i need to re-connect the power cable from the PC to make it works. I don't know why this happens, when restarting it works perfectly. Also my USB devices need to be plugged on boot to be mounted or recognized by my PC. Please plz plz Help! thanks
  13. New MacBook touch ?

    or maybe is simply a image or a video...
  14. Getting a Disk to Show up to Install on

    in some place i read that leopard makes a disk check when is loading the installer, if the disk is damaged, it wont show on disk utility.... :censored2: i have the same problem, my hdd has a lot of defect blocks...
  15. D-Link AirPlus DWL-G510 Rev. C2?

    same problem!, same card! i dont found any solution!, i think this card NEVER will work on MAC