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  1. OS X Annoyances

    1. File management (using Finder). - Of course it's simply the other way 'round if you come to Windows from Mac OS X. Drag & Drop works very, very fine in Mac OS, whereas Windows has stuff like "cut & paste", which seems completely moronic. 2. HD Video playback. - Strange. HD playback works very fine on my 24" iMac and even on my MacBook Air. I don't use WMV, of course. It's understandable that WMV wouldn't work as well as H.264 and Quicktime. 3. No maximise button. - Maximising windows defies the drag & drop behaviour of an operating system. I need access to other windows and the desktop. 4. Home/End key behaviour. - It's just a point of view thing. I've never expected it to work differently. 5. Multi-session burning. - That one's true. 6. Leopard's preview for audio/video files. - I agree, but they of course want you to use the "real" apps for more features.
  2. Rumor : 3 different versions of OS X

    Well, there's going to be - Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Family Pack - Mac OS X 10.6 Server 10-Client - Mac OS X 10.6 Server Unlimited Client - Mac OS X 10.6 Server Upgrade 10-Client to Unlimited Client plus the "Mac Box Set" and "Mac Box Set Family Pack".
  3. iWork '09 trojan beware!

    You're of course actively forgetting the people creating the trojan and the (other?) ones packaging it in a .dmg and putting it onto the scene in your argument, HyruleKnight. It's a _little_ bit their fault as well.
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Had to remove ALCinject. Problem solved. Sorry to interrupt.
  5. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    While this might sound pretty odd: How would I go about getting the original drivers back? I *think* restoring my brandnew iMac from a Hack's Time Machine archive f***d up my audio drivers. I had installed some odd version that made it work on my Hackintosh. How would I go about restoring Apple's official driver?
  6. Is OSx itself even ethical?

    There's just so many things wrong with the OP's "facts". Sidenote: Yes, MS invested in Apple, but MS also got quite a bit out of that deal. Apple stopped sueing Microsoft back then, for example. The cross-licensing agreement was certainly not without merit for MS. Doesn't make everything alright, but explains it in less simplified terms. To say OS X is GPL is plain wrong. But that's been stated already. When you upgrade to Leopard or Snow Leopard (and no, you _cannot_ get a "full license" per se, because those retail versions are always upgrades to the license that came with your Mac), you decide what you pay for. Some pay it for the new version of the underlying technologies. Most, however (and we're talking more than 90% here), do it for new features on the surface, the GUI - or for compatibility reasons. And whether you think your $ are spent on one part or the other, for the packaging or the service, it doesn't *really* matter. They're not asking ~100$ for the new versions of Perl or SQL or whatever. If at all, they're asking for their work putting it all together.
  7. Hack to Mac?

    The Air very clearly is a secondary computer. It's not meant to be your main computer. Both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro make for a great main computer. (Plus the Dell for gaming, viruses etc.) I'd first weigh the MacBook Air against the MacBook, and if you end up at the MacBook because it's more complete, then weigh that against the MBP.
  8. I've been a Mac user for more than twenty years. When I bought my Hac for experimenting with OSX86, I didn't really know what I would use it for. I had a MacBook at the time that covered me well. Nowadays, my Hac is my media center and central server for both my MacBook Air and other interchanging Macs as well as my iPhone and AppleTV. I'm going to replace the Hac sooner or later with the next Mac mini (or whatever Apple might put in its place), because now that the hobby-thing has passed and I actually _use_ the machine, its quirks are getting in the way. It works _almost_ perfectly at the moment, but that could change with the next update to Mac OS X, since we're always playing catch-up, basically. The whole projects have come a long way. It's much easier now to get the right hardware and to install, but it's still not the same experience, of course. I'm certainly not being a snob about this. I _know_ I could have much better hardware with a Hac for the same amount of money. But it's that ease, that feeling of everything just working, that makes the Mac so great. Even with a Hackintosh, things still feel much better to me than on Windows or linux, but the whole Mac experience _is_ more than just the software. And Apple's hardware design is much more than just a fancy case design. Writing this on my MacBook Air. It's lovely.
  9. New OS's for iPhone

    Now that you say it, of course everyone feels stupid. How could we have known that your g/f has a Windows Mobile phone and that _clearly_ you hated its interface, rendering even the _thought_ of running a different OS on the iPhone completely futile?
  10. apple keyboard MB110LL/A

    Get it repaired (replaced) under warranty. It's certainly not something you can fix in software.
  11. That did the trick. Thank you very much. I had read all the threads about it and suddenly remembered it when I read your explanation.
  12. Okay, I don't get this, it seems. I've installed using boot-132, and it works fine when booting from that CD. I've installed Chameleon now, using the DMG from their site. Where do I put my extensions now? I've put them into /Extra/Extensions/. Doesn't seem to do the trick, I get a kernel panic on the grey screen with the Apple logo. Any ideas? I'm using a fairly vanilla Gigabyte mobo with intel chipset and a Core2Duo processor.
  13. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    I don't think there's firmware included. Size of firmware far exceeds the size of the Pwnage Tool.
  14. So, basically this thread's title is just trolling. The Q&A @ PC Magazine was basically correct (other than the pic's caption) and the OP tried to make fun of something. Let the thread die, I'd say.
  15. 10.5.4 is released !

    Although this probably doesn't help others much, updating via Software Update to 10.5.4 has worked fine for my intel-based mobo with E2180 processor running at 2.4 GHz, ATI Radeon 2600 XT graphics and 2 GB RAM. If it were always like this... Heaven. Sleep/wakeup is working on vanilla kernel 9.4 as well, btw.