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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anybody here could help. I've been helping a friend to install OSX86 onto his Dell Vostro 1720. We have succeeded with installing iATKOS V7 onto it. However the main problem that we have is enabling Quartz Extreme. I have installed the NVinject kext and that has enabled us to use the correct resolution. Quartz GL is also supported. Below is a shot from the system profiler: Any help anyone could give us would be greatly appreciated. Also, we have had trouble getting the wireless card to work. It is an Intel Wifi Link 5100. From what I can tell from researching online, there are no drivers for it. But thought I would ask just in case anyone knows how to get it working.
  2. andsteele

    Having trouble getting iPC 10.5.6 to boot

    To be honest, I think my computer just simply doesn't support Leopard. Ahh well,I still have my Macbook I guess. If I ever build a new computer, I'll make sure it's compatible. Thanks for the help anyway guys.
  3. andsteele

    Having trouble getting iPC 10.5.6 to boot

    No, tried that and I get the same results. Hi. I tried all of these and I get the same results.
  4. Hello everyone, I was hoping somebody could help me with this. I'm trying to get iPC 10.5.6 to boot on my PC, but it keeps crashing. I get these messages: If I try and install without the -V command, I see the Apple logo but and the spinning logo but it never boots, I just get a circle with a line in it. My PC Specs are: Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA AMD AM2 X2 3800+ 3GB Ram Nvidia 7300GT 512MB AGP 300GB IDE HDD Any help would be greatly appreciated. At the moment, my PC is still running Windows XP which as you know makes it pretty much useless.
  5. andsteele

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Yes I'd be very interested in having this as well. Any chance you could upload it?
  6. What would be the best disk for me to install Leopard on my system? I have never been able to install leopard, only Tiger using Jas 10.4.8 which I received a lot of kernel panics from. Specs in signature.
  7. I'm guessing you are talking about the old Macbook Pro and not the new unibody one. Well, yes it is quite easy. But not as easy as doing it on the Macbooks. It does involve taking it apart a little bit. Here's a guide: If you have the new unibody one, it's pretty straight forward. Just a little trap door behind the battery.
  8. Hello everyone. I will be going on holiday soon and taking my Macbook with me to keep me occupied on the plane. I was wondering if you had any suggestion of goodies I could load it up with. Any good movies you like and would suggest? Any good games that would run on the X3100? Or anything else you think would keep me occupied for a while. Thanks =)
  9. andsteele

    Buying first mac

    I would recommend the Macbook Pro. It is a very powerful machine and capable of doing everything you listed. Plus you have the added bonus of the portability.
  10. andsteele

    PowerBook G4 question

    Never been inside a Powerbook G4 before, but I would imagine it would work. The 1.67GHz motherboard should fit into your powerbook, plus you have the advantage of having a faster processor.
  11. If you are trying to use a DVD from a regular Macbook, it won't install on a Macbook Pro. You'll either have to find the original installation disks that came with the computer, or buy a Leopard installation disk. Also, when you have the disks. Make sure you format the drive correctly before the installation. Otherwise it will not show up when you insert the disk. When you boot up from the installation disk, select the disk utility and format the drive.
  12. andsteele

    Help! Done something stupid!

    Just to update you guys, my Macbook is now working! I decided to turn it on for some reason, and it powered up! So I put in the hard drive, and OS X booted. I can't believe it! This thing was absolutely soaking. Go Apple!
  13. andsteele

    Help! Done something stupid!

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the info. The guy at the Apple store said it was most likely the logic board. He said a new one would be £450! And for all I know, other parts might also be broken. I only paided £650 for the entire system. I'm afraid I am going to be Mac-less for a long time now Oh well, {censored} happens eh?