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    x79 iMac Pro

    I know not to compare the systems but in this case the gap is is very wide. my system is stable (used rampage dev guide) and i get good performance just not in blender. i'm using blender to benchmark: on windows: on mac: i saw this on blender artists forum so i hoped to get better performance with iMac Pro.
  2. AssafNegev

    x79 iMac Pro

    updated my signature. my hardware is : intel i7-4930k, asus sabertooth x79, 16GB DDR3 1600, RX Vega 56. i'm not expecting to top the performance of the iMacPro just get close to the performance i get on windows. i think the SMBIOS set to Mac Pro 6.1 has performance issues with the RX Vega 56. the render times on the GPU are tripled. i know Blender has some issues withe OpenCL on mac but after seeing the benchmarks of a real iMac pro i the issues are not too bad as i see on my system.
  3. AssafNegev

    x79 iMac Pro

    well yes, there is a question, at the start "Is it possible the get an x79 system to work as iMac Pro?"
  4. AssafNegev

    x79 iMac Pro

    Hi everybody, Is it possible the get an x79 system to work as iMac Pro? i'v upgraded my GPU to a RX Vega 56, it works well for most of my needs when i'm setup as a MacPro6,1. the thing is i also use blender for 3d work and the GPU rendering is bad. i've seen benchmark of a real iMacPro that is getting close to windows rendering performance. for now i'm on windows thanks