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  1. the same thing happens to me i can't run the update from the boot dvd thing. it says installer: command not found i think the black swirl is a login loop or something but i have no idea how to fix it any help appreciated.
  2. I love my hackintosh....i use xp pretty much only to transfer games to and from my DS i don't need the computer for gaming. xbox 360 takes care of that. i've even started recommending my friends hardware setups that are compatible with the kalyway install disk and offering to install mac for them just so they can get away from vista because that $hit blows.
  3. bapo

    4ghz processor?

    Hi this is my first problem. so far i've managed to install kalyway 10.5.1 onto my gigabyte GAP35DS3. everything went fine......so i decided to attempt the 10.5.2 update. i followed the guide perfectly but now i think osx doesn't see my processor properly. itunes runs slowly, about this mac hardware overview doesn't show anything and about this mac tell me i have a 4ghz processor when i don't. any help would be greatly appreciated! thinkyou