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  1. Hi guys. Just wanted to pop by and say that I won't be doing any more development on this driver. The source is available on hackint0sh for someone to take over.
  2. Inspiron 6000 audio!

    Go to .6. It will fix the audio issue. Had the same thing. I suspect it has something todo with cpu throttling+too hot processor. Try The cputhrottle util that's available, it might solve the problem aswell.
  3. uhm, sorry to say this, but the configuration interface for the driver is really lousy, and therefor I'm reluctant to make an "Easy to install" .pkg sorry about that, but atleast *I'm* not planning on providing an easy guide. If someone else want to, feel free!
  4. Dual finger scrolling

    search forums for FFScroll. Not updated in quite a while tho, that's my fault.
  5. Very SLOW without AC/DC cable

    The issue is that the ACPI starts you in a state with lower power consumption, but the mach_kernel doesn't handle the frequency change => all timers go X times slower aswell.
  6. I'm working. lots of extra $$ $_$
  7. Real-Time Clock Speed

    Is this a laptop? If so, make sure you start (and never remove) the powercable. See if it still happens.
  8. [HowTo] Permanently disable BeamSync

    I acctually got a LOWER xbench result. 63.67 vs 48.72 I assume this is something like, don't wait for VSync. don't know tho.
  9. WOW, insanely cool!
  10. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Got this working. Seems the JaS patched DVD didn't install the 10.4.4 OpenGL.framework. Install it and it should start working.
  11. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Anyone tried installing 10.4.6 ? I'm having issues with the CI/QE. It simply breaks the display 100%. Just displays black background and lots of triangles of diffrent colors.. /Johan
  12. Fan is controlled depending on your motherboard/manufacturer. It's not really something you can write very portably (possibly with acpi...) I've written a small utility for Dell laptops, however I havn't found a way to interface it with the rest of the system. If someone wants it, I could like, write a version which sets both fans to max, to prevent overheating atleast. Too bad your machine will sound like japanese noize
  13. radeonTool is for laptops only, atleast that's what the linux radeonTools do.