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    Upgrading to NVME

    Just install it into the system, then clone your current system over to it. Make sure to format your new NVMe to APFS before cloning.
  2. tikizondo94

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Correct. If you click on the "i" tab on the bottom in Hackintool within the USB section the installation instructions are there..
  3. tikizondo94

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Either use the created USBports.kext or the generated SSDT's. One or the other. Both have the same result.
  4. tikizondo94

    Wake from sleep using lid doesn't work

    Have a look at this Link. https://github.com/syscl/EnableLidWake
  5. Mine seems to be pretty snappy. I did have issues before when i had to many Drives hooked up. It seemed to slow my write speeds down to a solid 200mb sec. Also watch for thermal throttling with NVMe drives. Heat is not there friend.
  6. tikizondo94

    Considering the jump to AMD

    Vega 56 or 64. Also The RX 580 is hard to beat also. Especially for the price.
  7. tikizondo94

    Sapphire RX580 Pulse graphics card works with artifacts.

    Give the attached a go CLOVER.zip
  8. Tried both. No real difference. Its just up to what you "prefer". I use Fakesmc and extensions on my z390 Aorus Elite and it works flawless. I use virtualSMC and its extensions on my Dell 7559 laptop and it works flawless. I notice SMCBatteryManager works better for my laptop than other choices. Just personal preference.
  9. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    I can see your RX580 has encode and decode capabilities for HEVC, but ever since the 10.14.1 HEVC/H.264 features have kinda been lost for our cards. Ive scoured the forums trying to find CONCRETE solutions, but have yet to find any. Check the above link i posted earlier for some info. I made a few mods to your config. See if it helps at all. EFI.zip Give this a look also... https://www.hackintosh-forum.de/forum/thread/37652-amd-rx580/
  10. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    Give this a look https://www.hackintosh-forum.de/lexicon/entry/104-encoding-herausfinden-welche-gpu-genutzt-wird/ Theres a few programs the can give details on your iGPU/dGPU capabilities for encoding/decoding also. "VideoProc is a good starting point".
  11. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    Post your IOReg and current EFI folder please.
  12. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    No drivers for Mojave with Nvidia. High Sierra is the latest OSX for Nvidia "currently".
  13. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    The only way I've been able to get the rx580 to work encoding and decoding "somewhat" is to disable the iGPU in bios. Keep the AMDRadeonEllesmereGVA.kext in Clover/Kexts/Other. Remove all graphics settings in Clover/Graphics and Clover/Devices/Properties. Clear all caches. With those settings I can view DRM content,Netflix etc in Safari. Give it a shot Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  14. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    Give the attached EFI a try. Ive made a few adjustments. See if it helps. Make sure you have your iGPU turned on in BIOS also.. EFI.zip
  15. Hey Maldon, Needing help with your magic again lol. New board and CPU and RAM. All is currently working flawless. But nothing in PCI devices is showing. Ive Attached your debugging files. Many thanks as always. Send me iMac.zip
  16. tikizondo94

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    This one works for mine now, Both monitors show. Thanks @headkaze Amazing work!
  17. tikizondo94

    AGPM Injector kext generator app!!

    So, if we are currently using Intel Qsync, will adding this kext cause any issues? I noticed my iGPU properties no longer show in X86PlatformPlugin/AGPMEnabler/AGPMController/Machine. Nevermind, Just had to add my IGPU properties to the newly greated AGPM kext. All shows normal now
  18. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    Yeah your right, I probably dont need NvmExpressDxe anymore. Its been in there since Sierra. EfiCheckDisabler is just for precaution. I probably dont need it anymore either lol.
  19. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    This is my current clover im using. Im currently setup using Intel Qsync with my RX 580. "iGPU enabled in BIOS and using a headless connector ID". Now, when i have Qsync enabled i cannot view Netflix in safari. Only when i disable my iGPU in BIOS and using only my RX580 can i view DRM content in safari. CLOVER.zip
  20. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    I finally got it working. Method that finally worked was New extract and patch of my DSDT Remove all settings in Clover/Graphics section. Only using Inject Intel = true PlatformID blank, FakeID - 0x0 Intel QuickSync enabled now in VideoProc and MacX. iGPU idles at 0.20Ghz and scales to 1.25Ghz when encoding. CLOVER.zip
  21. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    Attached is my current debug. Ive tried multiple SMBIOS. Mainly iMac 14,2 and 15,1 PlatformIDs tried have been 0x04120004 and 0x0412000B. CPU PM Set via PluginType = True via config.plist Using inject intel = true and shikigva=60 boot arg Tried using inject ATI =true with FB Orinoco VideoPorts set to = 5 Also have a dAGPM.kext created in Clover/Kexts/Other None seem to make a difference. iGPU runs at 1.25GHz. "BIOS Settings" I have iGPU-multimonitor set to Enabled in BIOS, Shared memory at 256MB VD-T disabled All CPU settings set to AUTO. - No Overclocking. debug_16168.zip
  22. tikizondo94

    Corsair iCUE (MacOS) Now Available as Open Beta!

    JUST FREAKING AWESOME!!! Thank you!! Loving it@!
  23. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    I'm currently using whatevergreen and lilu Also tried "shikigva=60" with the above values. Always runs my iGPU at 1.25Ghz. No if I leave fakeID and PlatformID blank and just use inject Intel. My iGPU idles correctly. But crashes anytime I try to export with FCPX. Strange...
  24. tikizondo94

    Color banding with UHD 630 Mobile on Mojave

    Try adding the attached device properties to your config.plist. config.plist In clover configurator. Devices/Properties