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  1. tikizondo94

    AGPM Injector kext generator app!!

    So, if we are currently using Intel Qsync, will adding this kext cause any issues? I noticed my iGPU properties no longer show in X86PlatformPlugin/AGPMEnabler/AGPMController/Machine. Nevermind, Just had to add my IGPU properties to the newly greated AGPM kext. All shows normal now
  2. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    Yeah your right, I probably dont need NvmExpressDxe anymore. Its been in there since Sierra. EfiCheckDisabler is just for precaution. I probably dont need it anymore either lol.
  3. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    This is my current clover im using. Im currently setup using Intel Qsync with my RX 580. "iGPU enabled in BIOS and using a headless connector ID". Now, when i have Qsync enabled i cannot view Netflix in safari. Only when i disable my iGPU in BIOS and using only my RX580 can i view DRM content in safari. CLOVER.zip
  4. Hi tikizondo94,


    Did you ever got your Dell 7370 hd620 graphics to work?  I have a Dell 7373 and the hardware looks very similar to 7370. 


    Thanks for any pointers.


    1. tikizondo94


      I did not. I moved to a different laptop. I still own it, But have not attempted it lately. I did notice that there is a new method to possibly getting the UHD620 working on laptops with the error i was getting in Verbose. 



      Give that link a look. It explains the issue and fix and its EXACTLY the issue i was running into. I figured it was only a matter of time before someone "smarter" figured out a fix. 

      Add the attached settings to your config.plist in the "kexts to patch" section. 

      Let me know if this helps at all :)

      Info: Set the maximum link rate in DPCD buffer to 0x0A (HBR) for laptops with 1080p or below display (by FireWolf)
      Name: AppleIntelCFLGraphicsFramebuffer
      Find: E8 00 00 00 00 48 83 C3 04 48 83 FB 08 72 D0
      Repl: 41 83 BC 24 DC 01 00 00 00 75 04 C6 45 C1 0A



    2. durain


      Thank you for responding to my questions.  I've been reading all the forums including your thread multiple times and its always the same result.  The link you provide seems to be for CFL framebuffer patch.  I did not try CFL id yet.  I was hoping to get the KBL framebuffer to work.  


      Like your situation, if I use 0x59120000 . I am able to get the external HDMI monitor to work, even at 4k without any frame buffer patching in config.pls:devices:properties


    3. tikizondo94


      Try the above patch. If CFL drivers crash then KBL/SKL etc framebuffers wont load. 

  5. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    I finally got it working. Method that finally worked was New extract and patch of my DSDT Remove all settings in Clover/Graphics section. Only using Inject Intel = true PlatformID blank, FakeID - 0x0 Intel QuickSync enabled now in VideoProc and MacX. iGPU idles at 0.20Ghz and scales to 1.25Ghz when encoding. CLOVER.zip
  6. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    Attached is my current debug. Ive tried multiple SMBIOS. Mainly iMac 14,2 and 15,1 PlatformIDs tried have been 0x04120004 and 0x0412000B. CPU PM Set via PluginType = True via config.plist Using inject intel = true and shikigva=60 boot arg Tried using inject ATI =true with FB Orinoco VideoPorts set to = 5 Also have a dAGPM.kext created in Clover/Kexts/Other None seem to make a difference. iGPU runs at 1.25GHz. "BIOS Settings" I have iGPU-multimonitor set to Enabled in BIOS, Shared memory at 256MB VD-T disabled All CPU settings set to AUTO. - No Overclocking. debug_16168.zip
  7. tikizondo94

    Corsair iCUE (MacOS) Now Available as Open Beta!

    JUST FREAKING AWESOME!!! Thank you!! Loving it@!
  8. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    I'm currently using whatevergreen and lilu Also tried "shikigva=60" with the above values. Always runs my iGPU at 1.25Ghz. No if I leave fakeID and PlatformID blank and just use inject Intel. My iGPU idles correctly. But crashes anytime I try to export with FCPX. Strange...
  9. tikizondo94

    Color banding with UHD 630 Mobile on Mojave

    Try adding the attached device properties to your config.plist. config.plist In clover configurator. Devices/Properties
  10. tikizondo94

    Mojave stops to respond when using GPU HW encoding

    I'm in a similar situation. When I enable quicksync via enabling my iGPU in BIOS and leave all my graphics setting blank in my config list my iGPU and RX580 show correctly in system profiler. Activity monitor shows both gpus working and iGPU idles correctly. "0.20Ghz". But the second I try to export files via FCXP the system crashes and reboots. If I add 0x04128086 to fakeID and 0x04120004 to my platformID and inject Intel my iGPU stays running at a constant "1.25Ghz" even at idle. But, I can export files in FCXP without crashing. And it seems to work quite fast. Any ideas on getting the iGPU to idle down? Using smbios iMac 15,1. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  11. Got it Thanks Maldon! Your help has been amazing getting my rigs working flawless. I'd be lost without your help. It is much appreciated Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  12. Well im having some issues adding them all back. Ive added them back to USB1 but its made no difference. Im sure theres many more ive missed. Im lost when it comes to DSDT edits. Im by no way where your at with this lol.
  13. Awesome Maldon. I'd remembered you'd done that for me in the past. I'll see if I can figure it out. Is it an ACPI patch in clover? Or direct DSDT edit? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  14. tikizondo94

    AMD RX580 or ?

    I've made some more progress with getting hevc and h.264 working with our rx580s. -Try the attached text in Clover/Kexts/Other. -Remove the above AMDRadeonPro.kext -Clear all caches and repair permissions. -Disable your iGPU in BIOS. I've got Netflix working in safari again, and HEVC and H.264 encode/decode working and reporting in IOregistry. (I claim no credit for this kext) AMDRadeonEllesmereGVA.kext.zip
  15. Figured it out one last thing. Sleep and wake works fine. But i cant use my mouse or keyboard anymore to wake the device. Only the power button?