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  1. Went back and retried bronyas 10.13 just for a test run, now restart and shutdown work again. Im sure Shaneee will have it fixed up in no time
  2. I changed every power setting i had in bios disabled or enabled and it made no difference. The only thing that has changed is ive updated to shaneees 10.13.3 Kernel from the original in HSv2. Any more ideas? lol
  3. Removed APCI.aml from clover/patched and removed some HW sensor kexts from clover also. Just using the mandatory kexts for my system. I for some reason still cannot shutdown or reboot without the physical button. System still runs and boots fine with the new additions to clover/drivers. Any other ideas?
  4. I'll give it a shot when I get home. Much appreciated! So what is the main difference between fixdrv and fixdrv2? And I see there's fixdrv3 now in the latest clover. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  5. Is anyone noticing shutdown and restart issues with Shaneees 10.13.3 Kernel? Everything runs flawless in the OS. But i cannot restart or shutdown without using the physical power button. Any advice? CLOVER.zip
  6. This is your 10.13.3 kernel you released on 2/5/18. And yes. It shows 16 cores
  7. New kernel is running perfect for my Ryzen. Scores are "top new kernel" "bottom original kernel from HSv2"
  8. Working Flawless so far on my Ryzen 1700. Running 10.13.3 Latest Clover. Thanks Shaneee!!!
  9. Have you tried and DSDT creation on AMD Hacks? Ive also got an AMD machine running 10.13.2. and im sure it could use some MaLd0n Magic Either way all your help has been MUCH appreciated tikizondo94-AMD.zip
  10. Excellent! Works flawless now. System now wakes with keyboard or mouse. Also USB ejects but remounts seconds after wake. Also general fluidity of the system is just better. Thank you!
  11. Only difference ive noticed is i cant wake from USB anymore. "keyboard or mouse". I have to wake using the power button on my case. Wakes up normal and all USB ports and drives are accounted for. No biggie. I can totally live with it lol. Just giving you a report. Again.. Thank you MaLd0n!
  12. Just Awesome! Thank you for this! Once again, My machines are not complete till i have a MaLdOn DSDT!
  13. So far everything is working like a dream! Amazing work! And so fast.. Idk how you do it lol. How did you get power management to work without clover ssdt/generate/plugintype? oh yeah.. Heres my new logs.. Paul’s iMac.ioreg.zip bootlog.log.txt.zip Send me Paul’s iMac.zip
  14. YOU ARE THE MAN!! Thank you . Will i still need to use the current ssdt-5 in ACPI/Patched for AppleLPC or do i not need it now?
  15. Any way i could get some of your MaLdOn DSDT magic??? It would be much appreciated CLOVER.zip Paul’s iMac.ioreg 2.zip Send me Paul’s iMac.zip