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  1. Hi guys, I was postponing the SL/L installation on my ESXi 5 then today i found this topic. My host is running ESXi 5.0.0 build 623860, i think that´s only one fix missing at VMWare´s site. Is the fix version 1.1.0 compatible with my installation ? I read the scripts and got confused about at which folder specific should i run them ... create a folder at datastore1, chmod +x and run install.sh ?
  2. Layout de teclado Brasileiro ABNT2

    Infelizmente comigo, mesmo mudando para o VoodooPS2, só rolou alterando o layout com o Ukelele. Agora está funcionando certinho em todos os programas. Dá para pegar esse meu diretamente aqui ou no meu post com um Guia Completo do Mac OS X 10.6 para o MSI X340 .
  3. MSI X-SLIM 340

    End up by posting my Complete Guide to Mac OS X 10.6 on MSI X340 .
  4. Como mudar a sequência de teclas

    Cara, segui suas instruções mesmo ja usando o VoodooPS2Controller do SL_PS2_Voodoo.zip do Dong. Passei tambem o pacote do Nawcom e nada. Por sinal, aonde o Nawcom instala os kexts ? Nao tem nenhum *PS2* ou *Trackpad* no /S/L/E ... Peguei o Ukelele, ajustei o layout e agora está funcionando certinho. Dá para pegar esse meu diretamente aqui http://www.theunf.net/macos/Brasileiro_ABNT2_by_TheUnF.tgz ou no meu post com um Guia Completo do Mac OS X 10.6 para o MSI X340 .
  5. Como mudar a sequência de teclas

    My friend, as teclas / e ? não estão funcionando no meu ABNT2 após seguir todos os passos. Quando faço AltGr+Q sai : œ Quando faço AltGr+W sai : ∑ Alguma ajuda ? Como posso editar manualmente o mapeamento do teclado ?
  6. Hi all, After following a lot of good and bad tips about putting SL to work on my MSI X340, here is my guide. First of all, i tried a lot of boot enablers with original DL media and none of them worked. In a final attempt i used an OSX86 modified media called SnowLeoDVD.iso of about 3 gigs and i could install successfully. With that in mind, below are the steps : 1 - Burn and Install SnowLeo.ISO (MD5: e602b18b2bef256a2261c8afe5a39141) You can select additional options (safe are ApplePS2, DSDT, Voodoo HDA and Battery) or just go with the default. *** Althought a lot tempting, DONOT select options like Sleep ´cause it´ll crash after 10.6.3v1.1 update *** Before proceeding, just after the registration part, be sure to right-click at the battery icon *** and select Energy Saver Preferences *** Set Computer sleep to NEVER as Sleep mode is not available YET 2 - If you did the default installation, please install VoodooHDA-2.7.2.pkg, VoodooPS2Controller.pkg and VoodooBattery.pkg . Run one after the other and reboot only when asked by the last one. http://uploading.com...oHDA-2.7.2.pkg/ http://nawcom.com/os...oPS2Controller/ http://uploading.com...attery.pkg.tgz/ 3 - Plug a network cable and update Mac OS X in the following order and always using offline pre-downloaded packages and rebooting after each run: 3.1 - MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.3v1.1.dmg 3.2 - MacOSXUpd10.6.4.dmg 3.3 - MacOSXUpd10.6.5.dmg 3.4 - MacOSXUpd10.6.6.dmg 3.5 - MacOSXUpd10.6.7.dmg 3.6 - SnowLeopardFontUpdate.dmg *** You may experience one or two reboot problems. Be calm, press and hold power button till *** off the system and then turn it back on. *** All files are downloadable at Apple's Support website 4 - As the original internal Wifi card seems that will never be compatible with Mac OS, you can replace it or, more easy, buy a USB Wifi one. I used one under US$10 with Realtek chipset from EDUP. 5 - Open System Preferences->Chameleon->Peripherals, activate Graphics Mode options and type 1366x768x32 as this resolution is not listed. It's nice to deactivate Legacy Logo as well 6 - Download Alternate_x64_Boot.tgz, unpack it and open SHOW/HIDE FILES folder, right click at Show Hidden Files and select Open with->Automator Runner http://uploading.com...e_x64_Boot.tgz/ 7 - Open Terminal and follow the commands below : sudo su - mkdir /backup-boot mv /boot /backup-boot Open x64 Video Boot folder and copy boot file to / Back to Terminal, set the permissions and ownership of the new /boot file chown root:wheel /boot chmod 755 /boot And reboot 8 - To enable NTFS Read and Write support, search the net for the below packages and install them in the correct order : 8.1 - MacFUSE-2.0.3,2.dmg 8.2 - Open System Preferences->MacFUSE, click to enable BETA and update to the latest 8.3 - Install_NTFS-3G.mpkg 9 - Install Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader X and Adobe Flash Player for maximum compatibility and Internet experience. Also, run Software Update and run everything 10 - Run Software Update and run the missed 10.6.8 update 11 - If you HAD NOT installed ApplePS2 during DVD installation, download and run Sentelic Touchpad Driver 1.1.2.dmg to enable full scrool http://uploading.com/files/9359m4da/Sentel...er%2B1.1.2.dmg/ Please note that if you have both kext installed your boot will crash . If you, like me, have an ABNT2 Brazilian layout keyboard, get this made by myself and extract to /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ : http://www.theunf.ne...2_by_TheUnF.tgz What is pedding on this system with Mac OS X: - hibernation - camera - movies playback and general video acceleration
  7. MSI X-SLIM 340

    Suspense is killing me , and i hope a lot of others... At kext.com i found 2 "solutions" ... one is another Chameleon RC4 that seems to be the same that Jack-black had pointed at page 5 ... and other x4500.zip that works only at 32-bit mode and claims to enable QE. M.Nielsen, which one did you use ?
  8. GMA X4500

    Hi all, I'm running SL 10.6.8 on an MSI X340 on i386 arch mode with patch4500-2 but accidently changed to a resolution lower that 1366x768x32. After that i get nothing but a cute blue screen. To use the system again i needed to boot with -s and remove patched kext from /System/Library/Extensions. If i run patch4500-2.bash -f 2A42 + boot, i still get 1024 resolution and if i add -r i get back to the blue screen. How can i reset the resolution preferences back to the highest chosen automaticaly when i first passed patch4500? Thks in advance!