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  1. DSDT for Intel DP45SG motherboard

    Hi enb14. Have you got to install Lion on the DP45SG?
  2. DSDT for Intel DP45SG motherboard

    Thank you very much enb14 for your new dsdt, I hope that for the time I can install Lion you can get the dsdt to work with USB again. I will give it a try next week and I'll keep you posted about my Lion installation
  3. DSDT for Intel DP45SG motherboard

    Thank you very much everybody for your help. I had my snow leopard working with LAN, Audio, Video, Firewire, etc. perfectly at 64bits using enb14's dsdt and the following kexts in my /Extra/Extensions AppleIntelE1000e IONetworkingFamily IOAudioFamily OSvKernDSPLib VoodooHDA AppleACPIPS2Nub fakesmc IOACPIFamily IOPCIFamily OpenHaltRestart PlatformUUID VoodooPS2Controller And an EFI String for my two video cards in com.apple.Boot.plist But since Lion Final release I've been trying to install OSX 10.7 using the same dsdt.aml and the same kexts in my Extra/Extensions on the Installation USB and I can't pass the [ pci configuration begin ]. I tried removing one of my videocards, unplugged all the USBs, removing the dsdt.aml, removing some kexts, but I can't even get to the welcome screen of the Lion Installation. Does anyone has Lion on your DP45sg? I saw a post by enb14 saying that he got past the pci configuration begin using a new dsdt.aml. Do you have Lion already? can you share your new dsdt.aml If anyone can help me I would appreciate it soooo much. I was about to give up and go back to snow leopard and I remembered how you guys helped me with my snow leo install. By the way if someone wants to install snow leo on your DP45sg and is having trouble I can gladly help you.
  4. DSDT for Intel DP45SG motherboard

    Thank you very much for your dstml.aml!!!! My USB is fixed now!! May I ask you what bootloader are you using? Chameleon RC1, RC2, RC3, PC EFI, etc. Is your bootloader installed on your EFI partition or your Macintosh HDD root? I ask you this because I can not get my Audio and my LAN to work. And maybe it has something to do with my bootloader. I tried VodooHDA for my Audio and EFI Studio for my LAN without success. I had BIOS Version 0125 but I have just downgraded it to 0121 to see if it had something to do with my issues. No luck. Here are my specs: Intel DP45SG Motherboard GeForce 250 GTS (Working with EFI String) Snow Leo 10.6.2 Retail installed from usb using chameleon 2 RC3 + PC EFI 10.3 and your DST.aml I have these kexts in my Extra/Extensions folder on my Machintosh HDD Disabler.kext fakesmc.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext VoodooHDA.kext (Even with this I have no audio) I hope you can point me in the right direction to fix my LAN and Audio problems. Thank you very much in advance.