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  1. No DVD is booting

    ok sorry sorry i have amd 3200 sse3 processor asus a8vmx ide dvd reader writer by LG and ide 80 gb ata disk 1.5 gb ram nvedia 6600gt 256mb
  2. No DVD is booting

    i have an amd 3200sse3 pc i had tiger installed but wanted leo i tried zeph rev 2 but it didnt boot after installing then i tried leo4all V3 and the dvd didnt boot only it said "bsd process name corresponding to current thread : unknown" i reburnt at 2x but still same problem i then tried kalway again same then tried zeph again but now it also has this problem.... i have no idea what to do iv looked but have not found a solution...yet hope someont can help please..
  3. hi i have an amd 3200+ processor..my mac works awesomely except for my copy speed..its just aweful..it takes 15 to 20 min to copy a 700mb file to my 1gb pendrive..ots very frustruating..is there ant way to increase this? o and i know its useless to ask this butiv tried everywhere..is there a way to get any sound out of an alc653 sound card on an asus a8v-mx mobo? pls any replies would be very useful
  4. super slow copying

    ok so i loaded the tubgirl 10.4.10 on my asus a8v-mx my problem is that i hv everying working fine..just that my files copy really slow from my internal HD to my USB HD??!! by slow i mean 15 min for a 700mb file..my windows takes only 2 min :-( any help?
  5. sorry i know its the wrong topic but i dunno what QE/CI means..i got my nvidia geforce 6600 working with the tubgirl install but i dont have resolutions more than 1024x768..can i get better resolutions or is that it? i have natit..i think cuz that what it says when botting with -v
  6. pls pls pls someone help me with sound on this install with alc653 sound card..any sound even left speaker :-( i hv no sound :-(
  7. pls pls pls help me with audio :-( i loaded this and i have a souncard (dunno which and cant seem find out) but it has via 82xx and no matter what appleac97audio kext i use it doesnt work the sound comes each time i restart and turn on itunes and play the 1st song there is a sound for 1 sec and thats it..pls help no1 else seems to hv this problem :-( EDIT- ok i followed the 15 step guide on wiki but still no luck..it seems my speakers are working i.e. when i increase the vol..there is that sound frm them the one which comes when the vol is very high but there is no input.. will i ever get sound :-(
  8. Tubgirl 10.4.10 AMD SSE3 "Test 1" no sound

    help pls :-( i have a via 82xx..please guys..ill hvta uninstall osx86..pls.. edit: i checked again..in the logs it says "AC97: family specific matching fails" but there is sound for the 1st 1 sec..any ideas?
  9. hey i just loaded the Tubgirl 10.4.10 AMD SSE3 "Test 1" i cant seem to get the sound working..i manually put in the AppleAC97Audio.kext but still no luck..i seem to hear sounds when deleting stuff n emptying trash but no sound in itunes :-( i hv realtek ac97 sound card n in the mac when i cheked the hardware it said no audio device attached?? help pls edit: ok i hv tried all kexts but none seem to work..there is sound for 1 sec in itunes when i play the 1st song but then no sound whatsoever pls help guys..mc is useless without sound
  10. hey sorry for digging up an old post(relatively) but i have very bad download speeds and i want to make sure that the iso i download is the rite one cuz it will take me like a week to download :-( my config is amd athlon 3200 1.5gb ram 80gb hardisk SATA nvidia 6600 graphics card just wanted to know that whether i will have audio video n 3d support with this iso or should i go with some other one (which one??) thanks so much guys