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  1. Talisman, i figured out the problem! It's my processor that's defective! Someone sold me a defective processor about a month ago and it has been doing this ever since, I don't know why I didn't realize this earlier. Just figured leopard didn't like my new processor. I tried installing vista and kept getting a blue screen error, and vista installed fine when I had my old processor.
  2. I do have Speedstep and dynamic acceleration enabled in bios. I have Bios A12 (Updated from A08 before I reinstalled iaktos 5i). I currently only have leopard installed. I just realized that I am still getting kernel panics after sleep. I disabled dynamic acceleration and restarted - ran xbench and got cpu benchmark score of 167 - After sleep I ran xbench again and get cpu score of 80 , as soon as it runs the test I get a kernel panic. I disabled dynamic acceleration and speedstep and restart - about this mac only recognizes 1.2 Ghz - Benchmark cpu score is 80
  3. Talisman, Thanks again. I Reinstalled the 10.5.6 update and I still had the same problems. So i just reformatted and reinstalled iaktos 5i using ideneb's guide and used the vanilla acpi. I still can't get any speedstep to work, I get a kernel panic on boot everytime. I tried voodoopower, genericcpupowermanagement, and intelenhancedspeedstep, before and after I updated to 10.5.6. I used your nvinject and have vga and hdmi out working now. So my only problem is speedstep and low benchmark after sleep. Thanks! My System: Dell M1530 - 10.5.6 - 9.6.0 kernel - Intel Core 2 duo (T9300)
  4. Thanks for the help talisman, I do have a modded acpi. I attached the systllog.txt. I also tried the nvinstaller .52, and used your NVCAP. I get QE/CI but I still can't get vga out working. Thanks again. Dell M1530 - 8600m gt - 10.5.6 - Intel Core 2 duo T9300 sysctllog.rtf
  5. Hi Talisman, I have tried genericcpupowermanagement, voodoopower, and XNU intelenhancedspeedstep, all give me kernel panic on boot. I have updated to pc_EFI v9 and set hibernate mode to 0. any other suggestions? Thanks.
  6. JAdamz, Try installing these kexts I have attached. For me, Trackpad works fine before and after sleep, with tap to click. I have dell m1530 with 10.5.6. ps2.zip
  7. No.. Its not, I didn't even notice. Do you know how to get is working?
  8. Jim Fish, I put my computer to sleep all the time, and restarted maybe once, or twice a week before I upgraded to 10.5.6. But now, since I have upgraded to 10.5.6, after sleep my system eventually will get a kernel panic for some reason. Putting your computer to sleep all the time doesn't hurt, just drains your battery a little. Can you do a benchmark test on your system for me? and tell me the results Before and after sleep? Thanks!
  9. My geekbench score is 3400 after startup, then after waking from sleep it's 1800. Anyone have this problem?.. or have an idea of what could cause this? I have a feeling that whatever is causing this, is also causing my kernel panics (Also only happen after sleep), and is preventing speedstep from working.
  10. How to get VGA and HDMI output working on the Dell M1530 with the 8600m GT graphics card. This guide is for those of you who are having trouble getting VGA output working with injectors and want to use EFI strings with the Dell M1530 with 8600M GT. I have attached a hex modified with talismans NVCAP settings. - Download the attached file and EFIStudio - Extract the attached file - Open the extracted file (talismans.hex) with EFIStudio (In EFIStudio - Click File - Open Hex) and then click write to com.apple.boot.plist. - Once you have written this to com.apple.boot.plist, make sure you do not have any injector in your extensions folder. (NVinject, NVinjectGo, etc) Hope this saves some ppl from having to go through the trouble I did. Get EFIStudio at HERE talismans.hex.zip
  11. O ok, well for some reason injectors didn't work for me. Finally figured out how to use EFi strings and used talismans nvcap with EFI. Now my hdmi and vga out work great on my M1530 with 8600m gt! Thanks you guys! and Girl! ha For those of you using efi strings with the Dell M1530 with 8600M GT. I have attached the hex modified with talismans NVCAP settings, open it with EFIStudio and write to com.apple.boot.plist. This will allow VGA and HDMI out. Hope this saves some ppl from having to go through the trouble I did. talismans.hex.zip
  12. I didn't have that file. I just removed my nvinject completely, removed extentions cache, repaired permissions, and my graphics are still the same. Nothing changed. Does this mean i'm using EFI strings? how do i get rid of this and use the NVinjector?
  13. Ok. I've tried talismans nvcap settings, and macgirls NVinject that she just posted. I still can't get vga out working in 10.5.6. Causes black screen when I select detect displays. I don't have any idea what could be causing this. Is is there a way to uninstall the graphics update that I installed with iaktos 5i?
  14. Thanks for your help! I have my sound working with mute and headphone autoswitching now. The applehda.kext posted under stable kext made my system unbootable though. (used a different one with only one headphone port working) I used talismans nvcap and still can't get vga out. I installed the graphics update when i installed iaktos 5i. Could that cause it not to work? Also, I can't boot into single user mode. It Hangs after trying to load firewire. Thanks again.