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  1. Right. Just by editing the fstab file.
  2. There's no need of using NTFS-3G on osx > 10.6. Google for it "mount write ntfs snow leopard" ...and, the same applies to the "non automount" option, that goes inside the same file regards, brue.
  3. It did not work for me the time I tryed. But I think It will (sooner or later), so we'll have a more generic setup
  4. No. @Supernovagr: Then try, but the efi strings are for a SLI setup. @all: SLI SETUP => OSX NOT DETECTING IT AS SLI (osx will detect two cards, but SLI won't be supported by osx, anytime.). However, these two devices could be used for openCL (not openGL, note the C and the G). Nvidia users could try the <Graphics_Enabler> option with the Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist . It might work.... Read the netkas documentation about pc_efi v1.4 or 1.5 (sometimes you'll find the info quicker just by queryng google). Using this option, pcEFI will insert gfx EFI strings for you, so there's no need of creating them manually.
  5. SLI is not working, you just got two usable cards for opencl I don't recommend using it if you need no extra opencl performance. Good luck, bRue.
  6. This is the com.apple.Boot.plist I use for my gtx 275 SLI setup. This should work for a single gtx 295 out of the box. com.apple.Boot.plist.zip Copy it to your EFI Extra and to Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist Here you can download the patched NVDAResman kext: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A4VWZWYA Good luck, bRue.
  7. I'm using gtx 275 SLI, I'll post my config tomorrow.
  8. It means you're probably doing it wrong, i.e, not a plain p6t, you choosed wrong efi, you did not read the full tutorial,... you really should not try everything but just, re-read everything. Good luck.
  9. You could try a patched NDVAresman and using GraphicsEnabler on com.apple.Boot.plist. It'll auto insert EFI strings.
  10. It could be an IRQ conflict problem. Try the alternative DSDT. I had this problem too. I solved it (before using the new DSDT) BY installing a second time W/O erasing the previous files of the failing installation. The irq conflict can be recognized by: Slow accesing time to non SATA0 drives The message: "SERIAL ATAPI: device reconfiguration did not complete succesfully" Random hangs & kernel panics (claiming FINDER or some AHCI/IDE kext to be the problem) The credits of the DSDT patching go to The King.
  11. Searay_X: Everything is working flawless now. Using your SL_v3 unmodified image Adding right strings to NVDAResman.kext Inserting my gfx EFI String into /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist AND INTO /L/P/S/com.apple.Boot.plist (w/o this step NVResman gives a Kernel Panic) Thank you very much for your tutorial and your help!
  12. Hi again, this DSDT.aml file is working for me... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FEAH7NYE ... now I just need some help with the SLI
  13. If I use that DSDT.aml I got an IOAPIC: vector ... 0x20... error. Any ideas on this? (I used an unmodified EFI.dmg restored to a USB stick). Thanks in advance!
  14. 6:06 AM in Spain ... I think I need some sleep I'll check the new tutorial "tomorrow" and i'll post my results on SLI.
  15. Hello! First, thank you very much for this post and the new tutorial to come. I'll be testing it tomorrow. With the current installation instructions, I'm having problems booting with my SLI configuration. If I remove one card, it boots (and the usual AHCI problems reveal after completing). If I add the nvinject for dual card kext to Extra/Extensions it boots but when the stars background appears, it stop loading. Any idea? Thanks again mate!