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  1. hp dv6000t laptop

    I could use some help with the dv2000t BIOS if anyone felt comfortable poking around on it. I have tried modifying BIOSCOD4.ROM, BIOSCOD3.ROM, and I have also tried finding and replacing vendor and device IDs with the vendor and device ID of my new wireless adapter and nothing has done the trick. I get the 104 Unsupported error message every time. My thread about the dv2000t is http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=69113 thanks
  2. not a clue, I did some googling and the only difference i saw mentioned anywhere was dual-band vs single band. Not sure what that means though.
  3. hp dv6000t laptop

    Good News for dv2000t users! I followed some of the work from the first page or 2 and I think I found the values that need changed for the dv2000t. I will write up an easier to read guide and either edit this one or just post a new one. Step 1 Get whatever BIOS you want from hp's website. Step 2 Get HexIt 1.57, Phoenix BIOS Editor, and a program called Tiny Hexer if you can't figure out how to edit in HexIt Step 3 Extract the BIOS file from the HP executable and open it using Phoenix BIOS editor (Skip through the error messages) Step 4 Copy the BIOSCOD4.ROM file into the folder with the hexit program (It may not be necessary, but I couldn't open the file when it was in a different directory) Step 5 Open HexIt and just input the filename with no directory info "BIOSCOD4.ROM" Step 6 Change the mode to Code mode (Press F4) Step 7 Scroll to the bottom. Use the pagedown button as it is a long file. from the bottom, start moving up looking for the "stc" instruction code. 2 lines down you should see a "clc" code and that is how you know you found the right stc code. This "stc" should correspond to a value F9 and there should be an address next to the F9. For BIOS F39 the address is 0x2075. Change that to F8 and save the file. Step 8 Copy that file back into that TEMP folder and go back to Phoenix BIOS editor. Change a value, then change it back the way it was. Then rebuild the BIOS file and you can save it to a different filename if you want. NOTES I haven't tested this yet, so I don't know that it eliminates the problem. I DO KNOW however, that this doesn't make your laptop unbootable. I modified my bios file and flashed it, and I'm sitting here typing with my modified BIOS. I should be getting my Dell wireless card in a few days and then I can test to see if the problem is fixed. If someone out there can test it before me, please post back here and let us know. DV2000t with working osx86 wireless will be the best HacBook EVER!
  4. I had to download the Phoenix Bios Editor Demo Version and opened the BIOS update file from HP. The editor program decompresses the files in the BIOS and puts them into a temp directory. You then take a HEX editor and find the correct file to edit (the one containing device and vendor ID's of whitelisted cards) and you either add your id's to the list or change one of the accepted card's id's to match your own. You then recompile the BIOS through the errors it gives you and hope it works. The article I got all of this from is here. If you really have some expendable units, you could try this, but I think it is more logical to just put up with usb adapters until we get some wireless expresscards to work About Denied's post, 407159-001 came up on HP's site as a mini pci card, NOT a mini pci-E card. The dell 1390 uses the same broadcom chipset but isn't "supported" Also it came up as 86 dollars on their website.
  5. Alright i just tried that, but it still didn't output any sound through my speakers. All have been good ideas though, so please keep them coming.
  6. I'm not positive, but i think the 3945abg is a mini pci-express card which is different from the mini pci cards. I bought a dell 1390 for my HP dv2000t but HP has a bios lock on unsupported (Read: not from HP) wireless cards so the computer won't boot with it installed. If i could find a way to flash the cards eeprom i might be able to make my laptop think it is the 3945abg. However, I also recommend sending HP an email about how frustrated you are about their lock on non-HP hardware.
  7. Yeah i've tried starting up both ways, Same thing every time, audio through headphones but not through speakers
  8. Acer Laptop Realtek ALC883 Sound

    I'm also having problems, I followed the instructions on this page and it worked great after first restart. Sound was from speakers. After another restart, no sound from speakers, but I'm getting sound from the headphone jack and the volume controls on my laptop actually control the volume through the jack. I would really love to know how to get sound back out through my speakers and have the volume controls work for them as well.
  9. Alright I did a fresh install of OSx86 10.4.6 and used the instructions I found here on the forum for getting my audio working. I did everything according to the instructions, restarted, and sure enough, working audio out of my laptop's speakers. After a restart, No Audio from the speakers. Plug in some headphones, and there the audio is. (Laptop sound controls actually control the volume on the headphones) I would like to have my speakers output the audio instead of headphones. Does anyone know of a fix and possibly even a fix that would allow both audio outs to work. Laptop is the HP dv2000t Intel Core Duo T2300E Connexant HD Audio
  10. I am looking for a 3945abg alternative for my HP dv2000t. I bought a dell 1390 mini pci-e card but I get the 104 unsupported wireless device detected error before it boots up. I have read how I can change the BIOS's whitelist to allow a different card, but I don't want to use free software I got from a chinese website to rebuild my bios for my 1000+ dollar laptop. I noticed that a dell 1390 expresscard exsists. Model is WPCB-143G. Right now I am waiting on a USB wireless device that I will use for a while, but I would love to have the expresscard version working. Is anyone out there using an expresscard for their wireless? Keep in mind, by expresscard I mean the 34mm or 54mm cards that are like the old PCMCIA cards. Is there any support? If I can find a decent deal on one I may buy it and see if the dell 1390 instructions work for the expresscard version.
  11. Alright, my friend convinced me that it would be better to try flashing the eeprom on the 15 dollar Broadcom PCI-e card than to flash the BIOS on my 1000 dollar laptop. Smart guy. Now does anyone know how to go about flashing the eeprom for the purpose of making the dev id and vendor id match that of the 3945abg card my bios searches for? HP is being no help at all. Imagine that and by the way i told them there is no linux support for the chip, not that I'm trying to install OSX on the thing.
  12. Hi all, I am getting ready to try reflashing my HPs bios so I can use the Dell 1390 card in my laptop. I am getting a 104-Unsupported wireless device error on bootup because of a hardware whitelist. I am hoping to replace one of the "approved" wireless devices with the dev ID, vendor ID, etc of the dell 1390, but since I can't boot into any OS i can't get the IDs. If you have a Dell 1390 would you mind posting some hardware IDs here? My particular card says the following DW 1390 REV A01 MAC: 0016CE27D550 Broadcom BCM4311KFBG (on the IC) BCM94311MCG (Written on the PCB) Thanks and start posting plz
  13. HP dv2000t I'm having to use my Installation DVD to boot up for now or else i get a b0 error. Reinstalling but my Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network w/ Bluetooth is not really working. Bluetooth shows up but i Do not have a device with which to test it. Ethernet and wifi not working. I don't know how to tell if the graphics acceleration is working, but I have not noticed a problem with it yet. Audio not working. Pretty disappointing, I may have to go back to windows until someone way smarter than me fixes some things. edit: b0 error was a problem with setting a partition active. Thanks to the forums, my intel pro/100 ve ethernet is now working well. haven't messed around with audio yet. wireless sounds like a longshot, I may look into a replacement wireless card, although I payed an additional 10 dollars to include bluetooth with mine.