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  1. I have the iMac 15,1 with the R9 M290X (not the 295X) for my work machine, if you're still in need of a BIOS-ROM? I just got hold of a R9 380 for my hackintosh at home, but I'm only on Yosemite, and I'm very interested in helping in any way I can to help get this running on el cap for my hack.
  2. @diestler - glad you got everything working! @qbe - the hardware acceleration is mostly (possibly only) applicable for adding visual effects. There is an indicator in the list of effects window that tells you if an effect is hardware accelerated. Basically, as I understand it, Premiere offloads the visual processing of those particular effects from the CPU to the CUDA GPUs, which are highly optimized for visual tasks (being a graphics processing unit and all). @winterdune - as far as I can tell, your 8600 isn't supported at all for this type of hardware acceleration. My conclusion is based on this list: Scroll down to the "Automatic Method" section where the cards are listed...
  3. Go back and re-read the end of the post before yours, it's been edited to include the correct method which involves using the sudo command. It's likely you are getting an error because you are trying to write to a protected folder - in this case the folder is a container for an app. you must have 'super user' status in order to execute a command like this (such as writing a file to a folder that is owned by another user, or admin group) and by using the "sudo" command, you are telling the system you have administrator privileges, and thus should be allowed to complete such an operation. It will ask you for your password, to prove that you do indeed have such rights.
  4. Contour Shuttle Pro - Snow & Lion!

    Hey, if anyone else goes looking for this like I did, it appears someone put it on kexts.com: http://www.kexts.com/view/323-64bit_contou...eta_driver.html Thanks QuattroFX!
  5. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    uphuck & eskurza: You rule! Install was so easy. Photoshop didn't work and my core temperatures were 10 degrees too hot. I put the install disc back in, uncheck the main system, check the CPUPowerManagement driver remove, check the AppleSMBIOS.kext - 5 minutes later my new leopard system is running silky smooth with cooler temperatures. Your work is so appreciated!
  6. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    Sorry to get off topic again, but I just wanted to say thanks to BJMoose also. Not sure why anyone would ever get angry with someone who has so helpful to so many people. Seriously, this guy, along with many of the other greats in this community (too many to name) offer their experience and problem solving skills to all of us without asking for anything in return. I personally owe you (& bofors) for the ease with which I put together the system which now runs awfully well, and at a fraction of the cost of my other macs. Hope this doesn't sound too fruity.