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  1. Hi, I had this issue also. You need to open a terminal and enter: hdiutil info and find the disk that the disk id that is showing /Volumes/OS X Install ESD For me this was /dev/disk3s2. For you it may be something else. Then enter: hdiutil detach /dev/disk3s2 (or whatever yours is). This will unmount the Sierra.app install image. From there you can run the script as outlined. Thanks Adam
  2. asmithau

    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Hi All, Firstly thanks to everyone that has contributed to this guide, particularly LonelyTV for getting it started. Fantastic work and thank-you Just a question - I have facetime working ok but the internal Surface Pro 3 microphone doesn't work correctly (it's ok though if I plug in a headset with a built in mic). The sound settings suggest that the mic can 'hear' sounds but can't send them to the user on the other end. Is this working for other users? Thanks Adam