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  1. HP nw9440 JAS 10.4.8

    I`ve installed the os with those devices off, but after install I turned them back on, so they worked(CPU cores) but WIFI never worked, I don`t think there is anybody with 3945intel working on macos. all this is for 10.4.7 but later 10.4.10 or 4.9 was a very unsuccessfull experience for me. I couldn`t get into the installed OS even though the installation itself finished without major problems
  2. Apple: Form vs. Function

    1. its all about the word "DESIGN" which in fact means: form for function (!) not form is better for your eyes or this thing looks so cool (which would sound for a proffessional designer like a wery childish and amateur words ). If your form is hard to operate or has some unsued or misused of confusinf parts than it means that the FORM is BAD! Ughly if u wish so. In other way if your device has esthetically nice parts like buttons and cery slim LCD or glossy or allum case etc. it does`n nessessarily mean that this device is GOOD, no! because it could be slow buggy and even dangerous inside! in either combination it only means that the DESIGN is BAD! 2.I had to decide which laptop to buy form my production needs (3D or video post prod.) so I started to ask people who already had either Mac or "PC" (i completely do not agree with such definition of the Windows platform) and by the end understood that all the people who didn`t know more about comps than just the name of processor (which is usually written on the case) and the 2GB of RAM (which they think is the most important part!! but never know how it would differ from 160GB of HDD ) own or really would wish to-MAC! And in other hand usually all the people who can do something with drivers and install new videocard to their comp use... guess what Windows or rearly Linux. Y? cause 1.price, 2.they really would like to tweak it. 3. Mac is boring!!!! (the device) especially iMac. 3.I bought HP nw9440 mobile workstation, Y? a)hardware far more powerfull than on the best MBP for that time (even now there`s no really equal match in that market) b)7200rpm HDD (which usually is the mesure of speed of comp) c)Quadro 1500m 512mb GDDR3(can u find the match for it in apple world ) d)1920x1200 screen resolution e)7in1 card reader d)finger print security e) and by final all that for only $2200 with RAM 2gig version 4.Is MacOS good OS? in 95% YES its GREAT! IS Windows BAD OS? No in 90% it`s NOT (it won`t be fair if we`d just say that its {censored}, cause it`s not!) Is MACOS better than WIN? Some ways it sure is, but in some ways it`s childish and stupid, and I could really say the same about Win. 5.MBP has 1 (I cannot believe they still have it that way), only 1 button on the tochpad!!!!!!!!! 2007 people we have 5 fingers! Y? and that`s when it`s 2x larger than mine PS. Mighty mouse is a best example of when form screws up functionality, I really hate that mouse for the way u have to use it, i mean lifting one finger to make it accept another... and the price... even Logitech`s best mice are comparably priced! and surely they are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better
  3. HP nw9440 JAS 10.4.8

    any luck with later versions? could u install 10.4.10 or 10.4.9, I`m askin` cause I have the same LT but cannot go farther then 10.4.8
  4. mobile workstation HP nw9440

    i know that 1core issue and undoubtly used both modes, with some success i managed to install all of OS versions but hte problem is that any kernel higher than 8.7.1 just aint boot, it stops, with either amount of cores
  5. mobile workstation HP nw9440

    anybody please
  6. Greetings to all osx installers there, I own a nw9440 hp laptop and I really wanna install 10.4.10 for FCP and CS3 but only OSX I succeeded was JaS 10.4.7+10.4.8 update with kernel 8.4.1 which is fairly old. I recently tried to install 10.4.10 Kallyway dvd but it never boots, it stays on blue screen and processor heats very much, in -v mode there is no warning or error notice just a kernel ver. and after that blue screen. Please if any experience in this laptop advice me anything, or maybe you know the solution or maybe there is no such. Any help seriously apreciated!
  7. Updating to 10.4.10

    I`ve installed koolkals 10.4.10 update with 8.10.1 kernel but after reboot it is stuck on kernel loading , sais panic on ACPI and when trying to load kernel just freeses. please help, advice or any word. PS i`ve ugraded from JaS 10.4.8 upgrade, and wanted new kernel but this happened..