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  1. I have the same freezing issue. And similar build. Just considering same cpu upgrade. Please advise what I have to adjust to boot after upgrade?
  2. Just trying to upgrade CPU from core i3-6100 to i7-8700. Computer do not start. When switch on cooler rotates few times and goes on stby. Any advice?
  3. use same plus HM monitor sensors , plus voodoo PS2 controller and voodoo HD as in Mojave no sound without this kext. Now I am adjusting config.list removing most of useless parts. System is booting OK after removing all patches. One more thing is graphic which must be adjusted putting my ig-platform-id 0x193B0005 in data format ( and I have no idea how to convert).So working on it.
  4. by the way, check if the new solution is working , or old kexts are in system/extensions. if so remove all old kexts from s/e.
  5. I was upgrading with old intelgrafixfixup.kext. Actually trying your config,plist no graphic output in a middle of boot. Keep trying if works with full acceleration in HS.
  6. try to follow manual https://hackintosher.com/guides/hackintosh-mojave-10-14-2-update-guide/. find attached my config and kext folder. Archiwum.zip
  7. just Update Kexts and use whatever kext instead intelgrafix. I updated using external pendrive with last clover and mojave. Some apps do not work properly after update due to uncompatibility with Mojave.
  8. Supplementary info. 1013.4 was causing permanent crashes. My PS2 mouse can be the cause as I suspect Voodoo -Ps2- controller kext to be outdated. Anyway additionally some overload of processors caused overheating - do not now the reason but some process in background went like crazy. Only solution was using Time Machine back to 10.13.3. And everything work fine. Weird but true.
  9. Finally I managed to upgrade 10.13.4. The problem was made by myself as I have hide unused boot entries in Clover. Because upgrade needs couple of restarts the install reboot was invisible. Seem to be OK now.
  10. 10.13.4 do not installs. After upgrade process and restart indicates same version. Repeating procedure gives no result.
  11. Any news on 10.13.4 update. Are there problems in upgrade process?
  12. Google Earth in Chrome is crashing when browsing in 3D. Also latest Google Earth Pro desktop crushing on start permanently. I downloaded older version of desktop app and works but sometimes beachballing or hangs. I think there is some incompatibility or may be inner conflict in library with other programs. Re Google Play Kiosk it is also available in Safari. But beachbolling and system freeze happens on many others huge websites with lot of multimedia. In general HD 530 is rather week in hard tasks , but my computer is much too small to put additional graphic card. So far for everyday use it is enough.
  13. Regarding Safari/system crash please try Google earth web version and Google play Kiosk . For me its most common source of making system non responding. Only solution is power off from mains and restart. Besides this Safari issues all applications ran smooth except Google Earth. Actually installed also Win 10 via WMware and works perfect. Anyway still cannot trace the source of Safari malfunction .
  14. It was crashing just after opening, and couple of times after.