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  1. I remeber that there is a post which teaches us how to update from 10.4.8 to 10.4.10(or 10.4.9/10.4.11) by just modifying a file and write it as "10.4.10", so that you can CHEAT the OS and install the adobe CS3/Safari 3~ But i cannot find the post again. Can anyone help me?
  2. pp15

    Leopard on SSE2 Howto here!

    I see the mach_kernel, but how can i extract it?? what command need to type in terminal?
  3. When I play rm/rmvb using real player under mac osx 86, the playing speed is a little bit slow. But under Windows xp, there is no such problem. What's going on?? I have already set the values under perference, but seems no use. Actually, when i play others video under players, there is also have such problem, but it is more severe playing in real player. Is it related to the onboard video card (inter GMA 900)?
  4. After opening 2/3 apps, i cannot open up more apps and with the error message " the XXX app cannot be launched - 10810". Could anyone know how to solve it??? Thanks a lot.
  5. pp15

    Strange delay when switching apps

    I also have the same problem, who can give help?? By the way, what is QE & CI?
  6. pp15

    10.4.7 JaS install, not so usable

    I installed JaS 10.4.7 DVD, and I found that after using the osx some time, it will suddenly restart automatically. What's going wrong?
  7. There is 1GB ram in my computer. But there is always around 500MB memory is "inactive", which is the blue one in pie chart. This memory seems cannot be used for program. And therfore the memory is very easy used up and the system become very slowly. Why this happened? Is there any ways to improve the problem?
  8. pp15

    a strange problem

    I found that there are also no such setup in the utilities folder of installation disk..........
  9. pp15

    a strange problem

    In my mac osx86, there are NO printer setup utlities, midi setup utilities in the utilities folder. What's going wrong?
  10. pp15

    cant boot osx86

    I have installed mac os x86 in D: and C: is windows xp. After Installation, i can directly boot to osx. i change the startup disk in osx to C:. Then I can boot to xp, but cant boot osx, saying that "hal.dll file is missing". I have used the chain0 file and edited the boot.ini. So, what can I do to have dual boot?
  11. pp15

    Dual Boot - 2 Hard Disks

    i installed in only 1 hard driver, but still get this problem, what's going on?