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  1. My Story about Succes and Problems with my Leopard installation: Hope that you could help me to cancel the rest of my Problems :-) I used the search function of this board but it bring me no sulotions for my problems :-( First the way of succes: I run Leopard 10.5.1 with vanilla kernel and efi 5.1 on my Asrock Conroe1333 eSata II Board Sleep and Wake-Up works perfect, it's so fast as a orig. Apple Mac, he could sleep and eyetv wakes him up for record a movie and go sleep again, everything without Problems, Time Machine works, too The way I get it: I create my own Leopard Install Disc with the brazil patch from my original Leopard DVD, install without problems, boot again with the disc and run post-install patch and fixed the boot for my sata hd. Download the efi patch from netkas, install efi in my hd and it works After that, I remove all my patched kext files and replace them with the original from my Leopard DVD and install the vanilla mach_kernel. Before I reboot I did three things: I repair everything with the disktutil, remove / System/Library/Extensions.mkext and remove /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches/ and boot the vanilla kernel with parameter -v -f and make a reboot, after that I boot normal, but Sleep crash the System. The next step, was to play with the bios versions from my board, it was 1.20 after upgrade, Leopard wouldn't boot anymore, so I downgrade it to 1.00 the relase Bios, after that, Leopard boots fine and Sleep is working. Next I made the upgrade to 10.5.1 and everything runs and boot without problems :-) No my little 2. Problems, that I couldn't fix yet: Sound is working only with the green Slot, all other incl. micro didn't work and System Profiler tells my, "No Soundcart" :-( My two internal Sata HD are shown on my Desktop as External Devices and System Profiler tells me in the Serial-ATA Sektion Generic AHCI (null) I tried to insert bikedude's ich7 Patch for my ich7r southbridge, but this bring my Leopard into problems :-( (No root device found) Anyway, the complete System works fast and fine and in the moment I could life with the 2 channel sound, but with fixing sound and ich7r southbridge it makes me a perfect selmade Mac :-) Could anybody help, to fix my two little Problems? many thanx